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6 Ways Business Leaders Can Reward Excellent Employees

6 Ways Business Leaders Can Reward Excellent Employees

For a business to succeed, its leaders and employees must have a positive working relationship. After all, it requires both the direction and guidance of management as well as the skills and determination of staff members for a company to grow and thrive. Without this crucial harmony between employer and employee, a business is likely to flounder. Given that fact, business owners must make it a point to engage with their staff on a regular basis. Thankfully, rewarding employees for their good work is an effective means of keeping them focused and happy. Not only will connecting with employees boost morale and productivity, but it will also reduce costly turnover. With all that in mind, here are six fun and creative ways that business leaders can show their appreciation for their team:

A Written Message

You don’t have to break the bank to express gratitude for an employee who goes above and beyond. Sometimes, just a small gesture is enough to make a person’s day. As such, leaving a brief handwritten note of appreciation for an employee or a group is an easy and meaningful way to let them know you care about them. Also, an actual, physical note will impart this feeling better than an email or electronic message.

Increased Autonomy

Want to demonstrate that you both value and trust an employee? Then consider granting them greater autonomy around the office. Give a successful employee more work-from-home days, longer lunches, looser instructions, and more freedom to do work at their pace and preference. Don’t be surprised if granting an employee a few creature comforts like these will coincide with a boost in their effectiveness.

Surprise Lunch

Taking the office out for a surprise lunch every now and again is a smart –– and relatively cheap –– play business owners should keep in their back pocket. Sometimes it’s extremely beneficial to simply get everyone out of the office and in a new environment for an hour or two. Plus, no one is going to turn down the prospect of a free meal.

Personal Gift

It can always be a little difficult to purchase a gift for an employee. After all, business leaders need to maintain a level of professionalism with their relationships. It’s not wise to make a habit of offering your team members presents for regular accomplishments. Still, if an employee truly merits extra distinction for their efforts, consider buying them a personal gift. Again, just make sure that it’s both appropriate and thoughtful. Gift cards are always a safe option, for instance.

Team Party

Long-term goals are tough to meet. By their very nature, it will probably take months of work and coordination for a business to accomplish a major goal. So when your team surpasses a big milestone, take the opportunity to reward them with a communal party. Rent out a private space or else purchase refreshments and accoutrements for an in-office party. You don’t have to go overboard here –– a casual get-together where the company foots the bill can go a long way toward keeping employees on your side.


It doesn’t matter if your company manufactures barricades or bakes personalized cakes, your best employees are integral to your organization’s future. In order to retain their most valuable team members, business leaders have to be willing to award internal promotions. In one sense, promotions can act as a reward for years of quality performance. However, it’s crucial that business leaders don’t give out promotions with the sole intention of rewarding a team member. Only promote individuals that you truly believe are capable of making the step up to management. Otherwise, your whole business could suffer as a result.

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