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6 Steps to Create an Effective SEO Strategy

6 Steps to Create an Effective SEO Strategy

When it comes to marketing and advertising, businesses should always value substance over style. Yes, it’s fantastic to create eye-catching branded content, but it’s more important to build a marketing strategy that produces consistent results. Indeed, if your current digital marketing tactics aren’t delivering improved SEO performance and boosting your website’s conversion rates, then you’ve got a problem. Fortunately, business owners can follow these six steps to form an SEO strategy that will help them market better in the short and long term:

Set Your Goals 

Search-engine optimization tactics are designed to increase a website’s visibility. However, any business owner that employs an SEO strategy should have a much clearer picture of what they actually want to achieve through it. Perhaps they want to promote a few important pages on their site, or increase website traffic by 15%. Regardless of what goals you’re striving to achieve, it’s vital for you to set hard targets before you start spending money on marketing and advertising. Otherwise, your team won’t know how to tackle problems as they arise.

Make Smart Keyword Choices

Though some CRM platforms seem to be moving away from traditional keywords, the truth is they still carry a great deal of value for businesses that understand how to optimize them. Indeed, making smart keyword choices within meta descriptions, page headers, and advertising content will ensure that you can gain traction for the most lucrative –– and attainable –– terms associated with your business. (“Attainable” is operative word in this regard, because some keywords are so competitive that it’s hardly worth a new business’s time to try and optimize pages for them.)

Reorganize Your Content 

Many companies ignore older blog posts and web pages they created and, in some instances, delete them. While it’s certainly a good idea to consistently create fresh content, it’s not necessary to trash your previous efforts just because of a shift in strategy. In fact, one of the best SEO tactics businesses can use is to update, re-optimize, and reconfigure older blog posts. By combining a series of content pieces together, you can create rich, comprehensive guides that have a higher possibility for ranking on search engines.

Get Creative

Want to make a splash online? Then you’ll have to think outside of the box. Since thousands of businesses across industries are constantly churning out new blogs, vlogs, social-media posts, videos, podcasts, and pillar pages the only way to stand out is to do something different and compelling. Providing consumers with vital resources and trenchant insight will help you garner clicks –– particularly if you work in the B2B field. What’s more, the better your content is, the more likely other sites will reference it in their work. And this is a tremendous thing, since relevant backlinks can do wonders for a website’s online presence.


One common misconception regarding SEO is that it will enhance a website’s position on Google instantly. This is not the case. In fact, SEO tactics can take months or even years to come to fruition. As much as anything else, SEO efforts are designed to maintain a business’s standing online and prevent a company’s site from “falling off the map.” Don’t let a few slow months deter you from continuing with a well-formed SEO strategy; exercise a little patience instead.

Track Everything

SEO is an investment. And like any other investment, businesses should look to monitor its performance closely. Tracking important metrics then, like ROAS vs ROI, cost-per conversion, click-through rates, change in domain authority, and page rank will let you know how well your SEO efforts are working. It’s dangerous and unwise to simply “assume” anything in business. So don’t make that mistake with your SEO strategy!

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