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6 Powerful Mosquito Control Techniques for Your Home

Have you had enough of the whining and endless buzzing sound so close to your ear? Mosquitos are unpleasant and they’re a big nuisance. Lack of information on the high number of diseases spread by female mosquitos searching for blood components for it to lay her eggs and lack of proper control can make you ill.
The constant buzzing can interfere with sleep adversely affect your mood and productivity at work. The control over these insects that show up unannounced is in your hands. The following techniques will keep you and your family mosquito free:

1. Removal of empty containers and puddles
The mosquito eggs are laid in water. Even that small container with little water in it is suitable breeding ground for the mosquito eggs. To prevent the high number of mosquitoes around your home, you should get rid of any containers that can hold water. Cutting off their reproduction and growth cycle is the best management and control strategy.

2. Chemical treatment of essential waterpoints
Mosquito larvae, the intermediate growth stage before they change into adult mosquitoes, depend on water to survive. Rainwater barrels and water harvesting systems are therefore the larvae’s home. Since you cannot avoid harvesting water, you should employ alternative preventive techniques. These management strategies will still keep the water safe but get rid of the mosquito larvae.
Larvicides targeting larvae in the breeding habitat reduce the number of adult mosquitoes around your home. The larvicides are available as tablets, liquids, pellets, briquet and granular formulations. Organophosphate insecticides that target the insects’ central nervous system can also be used.
3. Biological control
The Asian tiger mosquito NJ responsible for the fast spread of the Zika virus in Brazil, CentralAmerica, and other surrounding countries has been sighted in New Jersey and other states in America. To manage and control the disease, the mosquitoes have to be destroyed before they mutate resulting in new strains of the deadly disease.
Biological control could be the solution to the creeping menace. Exposure of these insects to robust bacterial species like the bacillus could help cut down their numbers. This is possible because the bacteria affect the insects’ digestion, eventually starving them to death.
4. Thorough cleaning of pools
Just as mentioned above, mosquito larvae and eggs depend on water for breeding. The best way to live happily and enjoy the pool would be chlorinating. This has been effective so far.You may also consider covering the pool when not in use.
5. Mow your lawns regularly
Most adult mosquitoes rest during the day and where do you think they take their long naps? In the overgrowing grass on your lawn. Cutting and trimming the tall grass deprives the mosquitoes of resting and breeding ground. There will also be no big leaves to hold water for the eggs.
6. Pesticides
Pesticides can be sprayed in the house ifyou see a few mosquitoes buzzing around. Use of mosquito-treated nets and clothing is further advised as well as theuse of insect repellants.

In conclusion, diseases like malaria, Zika virus, dengue fever, West Nile disease and chikungunya can be controlled using the above techniques. Environmental control is the primary measure to eradicate these disease-causing insects.

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