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5 Top Online Directory Sites for Financial Companies

5 Top Online Directory Sites for Financial Companies

Your financial organization has thrived on its good reputation for years, but is word of mouth enough to support growth in a digital world?

Even the most risk-averse financial firms recognize that an old-fashioned referral model only gets one so far in this strange new marketplace. They’re taking steps to position their firms for increased visibility online. The real questions are, what steps should they take, and when? And is “bad” visibility a concern?

The answer to the last question is undoubtedly “yes.” The answers to the first two questions are longer, more complex. Every financial firm is unique, with a unique marketing strategy to boot.

For now, let’s stipulate that one near-universal form of “good” visibility is contextual, niche-appropriate directory placement. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of online directories at least theoretically offer the right kind of visibility for financial companies. Sorting among them is a critical task for your marketing team.

These seven directory sites have proven particularly fruitful for a substantial cross-section of finance organizations. You’d do well to investigate them further. In some cases, perhaps you have already.

  1. Crunchbase

Although Crunchbase is best known as a clearinghouse for early-stage companies and their investors, it’s also a rich resource for individuals and institutions researching established financial advisory firms. Its organic search visibility is second to none, as well.

  1. Wealth in Asia

Wealth in Asia is the premier directory site for elite financial firms serving the Asia-Pacific region. If your firm does a substantial amount of its business in Asia or has designs on entering the world’s largest economic market in the near future, set aside some time to turn up your Wealth in Asia listing.

  1. is another early-stage directory that doubles as a credibility-enhancing platform for financial firms and their decision-makers. While is unlikely to account for a substantial share of your inbound leads, its high visibility and “known quantity” status makes it an important inclusion in your directory strategy nonetheless.


Although primarily serves businesses and consumers in North America, is household-name status and vast reach in that market makes it an essential tool for financial firms targeting well-heeled individuals there. does have a third-party and customer-generated ranking system, so it’s important for listing owners to proactively manage their listings and address complaints in timely fashion.

  1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is known as the world’s most popular professional networking site for good reason. It’s helpful for decision-makers to think of it as a directory platform, as well. Its broad aperture ensures that there’s a place on LinkedIn for major North American banks and global financial services companies as well as niche-oriented firms that cater to far smaller slices of the consumer or corporate markets.

Set Your Directory Strategy in Motion

Creating profiles on these directory sites doesn’t require a massive investment of time or resources. If you presently lack an internal marketing or communications staff, you may find it more difficult to maintain directory pages, but the challenge shouldn’t be insurmountable — and may well represent the impetus you’ve been seeking to formalize your ex-referral business development strategy.

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