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5 Tips to Staying Healthy as a Student 

5 Tips to Staying Healthy as a Student 

studyBeing a student is lots of fun! Young people, who are studying in colleges and universities, enter the adult, partly independent life that is full of new events, experiences, and responsibilities. The lifestyle of a modern student is changing dramatically, compared to the school years; many students go to other cities to enroll into desired universities, others stay in their hometown. Life gets brighter and more active. Of course, someone students, who have more responsible attitude to studies, spend all of their time with books, but others, who approach college more superficially, attending classes from case to case, but spend lots of time with friends and on parties.

All students have certain common problems. Some of the most common ones are stress, lack of sleep, tiredness, big emotional and mental load, which together leads to bad health condition. We present to your attention the top 5 tips on how to maintain a healthy mind in a healthy body and enjoy student life.

  • Get enough of sleep.

Sleep is a source of energy and strength. All the scientists in one voice say that a person needs to sleep at least 8 hours a day, which is a luxury for a college student, exactly such number of hours is necessary for our body and mind to fully recover from the previous day. As statistics show, the majority of students sleep about 6 hours a day or less, and this time is definitely not enough for a good operation of your brain. Remember that getting enough of sleep is a must! So learn the difference between academic and personal life. It is important to make sure that nothing will distract you at night then your sleep will be deep and healthy; also, try to do everything to ensure that you do not have to stay up all night and, let’s say, write an academic paper. In some cases it is better to ask someone “do my essay” and go to sleep because sleepless will harm not only your health, but also your performance.

  • Eat healthy

All famous people like to say that proper nutrition is the key to the health of the body, and they are certainly right, but celebrities, who are surrounded by dietitians almost 24 hours a day, can afford getting healthy meals in restaurants every day. But the average student does not have such opportunity. That is why many young people just eat whenever and whatever they can. The only advice that can help you to resolve this issue is to eat well at home and cook meals yourself, and if you have to spend whole day at the university – don’t be lazy and bring your lunch with you. It is important to include of meat, vegetables, fruit and water into your main meal. Besides, on the Internet you can find lots of easy college recipes that will allow you to eat not only healthy, but also delicious, and some food ideas are so simple that it takes less than an hour to cook it.

  • Do sports.

The theme of sport is very relevant today. Fortunately, modern youth don’t neglect this rule and we can often see girls go to the yoga classes, shaping, dances, while guys attend gym, play soccer or basketball. According to, sport helps us to feel fresh in the morning and be active during the day and at the same time, of course, it helps us staying healthy. Sport is a great way to distract from daily routine and improve your mood. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to find new friends, get your body ready to the summer, and it also will help you to save money on expensive treatments and doctor appointments.

  • Devote time to rest. 

In the first half of the day students are always loaded with school, but after dinner, you need to think about the rest. It can be a walk with friends, eating out in cafes, reading a book, or even watching a movie at home, the main thing is to let your brain get some rest. Proper rest helps the brain to recover.

  • Maintain positive mood.

The most important thing for the student is to always stay fun and cheerful, then studies will be easier and you will experience less. Have fun and communicate with interesting people. Good mood affects your productivity and makes you healthier, and the most effective way to maintain a good mood is to stick to the 4 tips given above, namely:

  • Having a good sleep during nights;
  • Eat delicious and healthy food;
  • Keep active lifestyle and get involved into sport activities;
  • And have some pleasant rest in a circle of close friends.

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