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5 Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall

5 Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall

As the cooler months of Fall are rapidly approaching, many homeowners who are hoping to sell a property this year are preparing to list their homes once the kids go back to school. But many homeowners struggle with getting their house in sell-ready condition. It’s a challenge to know what steps to take that will yield the most investment. Yet having a home with great curb appeal, modern amenities, and a professional presentation is more important than ever before in today’s competitive real estate market. Here’s a closer look at the latest trends in home remodeling that home sellers should think about when evaluating their properties.

Update your Kitchen

Even in today’s world of dining on the go and eating out, the kitchen remains the epicenter of many families. Whether you’ve got a gourmet kitchen for the most committed foodies or simply got a spacious area to put a vintage farmhouse table, one of the most important areas prospective buyers appraise is your kitchen. Easy ways to improve it include getting the latest appliances, replacing your cabinets and counter tops, and installing quality floors. If you’re not sure where to start, try browsing a store with model kitchens or individual offerings such as a huge selection of granite countertops available. It’s one of the best ways to get inspired and get a feel for the hottest trends.

Add More Storage

A surprising number of homes have areas that could be turned into easy pantries, build in cupboards, or expanded into walk-in closets. Inadequate storage is one of the top reasons that homes get passed over by otherwise eager buyers. Look at attics, basements, and other areas of unused space in your home. For just a few hundred dollars, it may be possible to dramatically expand the storage capacity of your home and expand the number of buyers excited about your property.

Invest in Painting

Cosmetic issues are easily and inexpensively repaired. But many buyers want a house that’s in move in ready condition and won’t require substantial investments after the fact. Aging or tired paint can quickly make even the best house look like a poor investment. Another common issue is one owner’s very distinct choices – say dark chocolate walls – not appealing to a wide range of buyers. Going for neutral walls such as white or beige helps brighten and modernize your property.

Tackle Landscaping

Landscaping and the appearance of your home’s yard is essential for upping curb appeal and getting prospective buyers interested in seeing the inside of your home. Ensure that the basics of landscaping have been completed, such as healthy grass and a regularly mowed lawn. Other touches that you should consider include adding mulch for a finished look, having bushes and trees professionally trimmed, and adding flowers.

Think About your Exterior

One recent report showed that 7 of the 10 improvements a homeowner can make with the highest ROI were to their home’s exterior. Consider your exterior cladding choices. Common options include siding, shingles, and stucco. Replacing your home’s cladding can add tens of thousands of dollars to your sales price. If you’re not able to ready to invest in a complete refurbish, having any damaged areas repaired and a full cleaning can brighten up the oldest home.

If you’re ready to put your home on the market, it’s time to consider whether you need to update the property before you list it. From rehabbing your kitchen to simple landscaping improvements, every step you take will help get buyers through the door and the best sale price your home can bring.

About the author: Robert Green is a carpenter and craftsman living in Bar Harbor, Maine. His work restoring historic homes and building custom properties has taken him around the United States.

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