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5 Tips for Flawless Under-Eye Concealer

5 Tips for Flawless Under-Eye Concealer

One issue that many women struggle with is dark undereye circles or other discoloration that can be easily covered with concealer. Although applying concealer is relatively simple, many people who wear makeup report struggling to get their undereye concealer to apply smoothly without any creasing or other problems throughout the day. Whether you’ve just gotten under-eye injections from The Institute of Natural Health or need a little help covering up dark circles, here are some simple tips for a flawless under-eye concealer that will improve your entire makeup routine.

Make Sure You Have the Right Shade

While this might sound like common sense, many people do not use the right shade of concealer for their under eyes! Under-eye concealer can be a perfect match to the rest of your face, but can also be 1-2 shades lighter than foundation in order to give a brightening effect.

Don’t Forget Skincare

In order to treat eye troubles over time, you should always make sure to use a rich moisturizer and targeted undereye cream before applying makeup. This is not only important for the treatment of your skin but prepping your skin with nourishing ingredients will ensure that makeup lays nicely over the top of your skincare products and will look better throughout the day.

Always Remember Primer

Primer is one of the most important products in any makeup routine, yet it is one that many people forget or simply do not choose to use. Primer turns your face into a smooth, even canvas that is ready for the application of makeup and gives your makeup staying power throughout a long day. Primer will also help to smooth any fine lines or imperfections under your eyes, ensuring that concealer lays smoothly and will not crease or settle into any lines during the day.

Blend With Fingers

While it’s okay to use a brush or sponges when applying makeup on the rest of your face, blending undereye concealer with your fingers is best as the warmth of your fingers will allow the product to melt seamlessly into your skin.

Set With The Right Powder

Setting a liquid concealer with powder is the key to keeping it smooth and crease-free and ensuring that your face makeup will last all day. Under-eye concealer should be set with a finely milled, translucent powder to prevent it from settling into any fine lines or wrinkles and to keep a natural, bright finish.

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