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5 Tips For Ecommerce Web Designing

With U.S. eCommerce spending growing year by year, it is getting important for online sellers to make their website eCommerce friendly by making it easier for online consumers to actually purchase products online.

Online customers are often lost in the website searching for the proper products to shop or shopping procedure to follow.

Does this mean online sellers are also lost sometimes wondering how to manage or design an ecommerce website? May be “Yes”.  Why lose a customer just because your website is not ecommerce friendly. Below are some basic ecommerce web design tips for online sellers to make their website eCommerce friendly and making it easy for customers to shop online.

Tip 1. Create Well-Defined Buying Process

It’s easy for customers to get lost in the huge eCommerce website. Creating and managing a Well-Defined buying process is very important. In an eCommerce website mention a clear path for purchase of any products or services. Make sure that your customer is not lost in the way from product to the shopping cart or visa versa. Search options for products have to be also very well defined and managed.

Tip 2. Place “Buy now” or Product Name Button Prominent

Where to project what is very important in an eCommerce website. If your products are featured in a page make the “Buy now” button or link prominent enough that it compels a buyer to click on it.  Even product’s pages link or button should be placed prominently. Customers are smart enough to find their products but why let them waste a min too.

Tip 3. Reduce the Number of Clicks to Buy

Make a shortest possible buying process for your customers. Shorter the process, lesser the clicks and quicker the transaction would be. Do give a chance to your customers to rethink on offer. In those few second may be your customer will lose interest and it will be a no deal for you.

Tip 4: Visible Pricing

Let your customers see the pricing. Customers normally evaluate products/services by comparing the rates. If you are confident that your prices are competitive why not provide them to your customers easily rather than making them to surf from one page to other. Make an easy way out making sure that the transaction is done.

Tip 5. Provide Online Customer Service

According to an industry research, an online buyer who uses the live chat is 20 % more likely to make a purchase than a customer who does not. Provide Online Live customer service to your customers by adding online chat option in your website. This will makes your eCommerce website complete.

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