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5 reasons we love crop tops

5 reasons we love crop tops

It’s summer so crop tops are our number 1 choice!

Since last summer cropp tops were the big trend and this summer are also in top. We are sure that they are your favorite piece of clothing, because every silhouette and every style can be associated with a cute crop top.  Cropped tops have evolved from simple aerobic t-shirts to something chic and easy to mach. Here are some reasons why you should wear crop tops this summer and feel amazing and stylish!

  1. Match with high waist pants

Since the top is cut short is advisable to go with high-waisted pants. They can be a pair of jeans or some office pants, in this way only a glimpse of skin is in sight.

  1. Get loose

Nobody says that the top should be tight. You can choose a larger size and wear it in a minimal way. You will look fashionable and feel comfortable.

  1. Matchy outfit

We love matchy sets! A crop top and a pair of shorts that are same printed are dreamlike. You will look cute and you will attract the attention on your outfit in a very nice way. Be bold!

  1. Be versatile

Versatility is the key. You can wear the same crop top in a casual or glam way. The choice is all yours. Play with prints, materials, everything you have in your wardrobe can be matched with a crop top.

  1. Denim shorts

For a hot summer day you can dress with a graphic tee crop top and some vintage denim shorts. If you like a little bit of layering you can add a floral kimono on top.

Do you wear crop tops? How do you like to wear them? What’s your favorite style?

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