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5 Motorbike Essentials for A Smooth Ride

5 Motorbike Essentials for A Smooth Ride

Riding a bike is a pleasant activity if the road is clear. In traffic, a bike is still preferable as it can sneak around stationary vehicles and keep moving ahead. However, it doesn’t have the comfort and a sense of security associated with a car. Therefore, one must be extra careful while riding a bike. Certain accessories associated with a two-wheeler can prove beneficial in making your bike-ride smooth. Read ahead to know 5 important accessories for your bike.

  • Helmet

It is a must to wear helmet while riding a bike. In certain Indian cities, it is mandatory as well. While choosing a helmet, remember to place substance ahead of style. Make sure that the helmet is ISI marked. It signifies that the helmet meets with the required quality standards. Those who wear spectacles while riding their bike might find it difficult to wear helmets that are close-fitting. The helmet shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, it should have a comfortable fit. Try different helmets before purchasing one.

  • Mask

Rising pollution levels can take a toll on your health while riding a bike. A mask can be helpful to reduce the impact of pollution on your body. If you do not want to purchase a fancy mask, just using your handkerchief or any other cloth can also work.

  • Medicine

Those who are dependent on specific medication and need to consume it on a regular basis must keep extra supplies of it in the bike. Storing such medicines can come in handy during an emergency. Also, in case of a long ride, and if space permits, you can also keep a tiny first-aid kit in your bike.

  • Protective Gear

Protective gear is necessary on inter-state bike trips. Long journeys pose more risks. Thus, protective gear can act as a first line of defense in case of a mishap. Gloves, knee caps and a jacket are considered as protective gear. Since you will be wearing these for a long period of time on road trips, make sure that you are comfortable wearing such gear.

  • Lights

If you happen to ride a lot during night time, you can get extra lights added on your bike. There are various LED light options available. Ensure to select lights that serve the purpose of alerting other vehicle riders and drivers about your bike and do not use it only as a style statement. LED lights if used more than needed can be a source of distraction for other riders and drivers on the road and might lead to an accident.

Bike insurance policy

Availing bike insurance is mandatory as per law. But one should not merely opt for bike insurance to comply with the law. Bike insurance should be viewed as a measure to minimize financial losses. Whether you are purchasing a new bike insurance policy or renewing your bike insurance policy, it is suggested to opt for a Comprehensive bike insurance policy for enhanced coverage.

New bike insurance can be easily purchased online. You can spend some time surfing the internet to know about various car insurers available in the market. Read, understand, and select an insurer that offers low-priced policy, has good user reviews, and provides sufficient coverage. While comparing policies offered by different insurers, compare based on the services and the coverage offered as well and not just its price.

It is a good idea to renew your bike insurance policy at least 10 days before its expiry date to avoid any last-minute rush. Whether you are purchasing or making bike insurance renewal, go through the inclusions and exclusions of the policy thoroughly before making the payment.

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