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5 Fun Ways to Spend Your Daily Commute

Let’s face it, commuting is boring in and of itself, so unless you have something to keep you occupied along the way, you’re almost guaranteed to experience boredom. Luckily, nowadays you can get a lot done and have plenty of fun from just about anywhere using nothing but a mobile device. With that said, here are five activities that should keep you from feeling like a zombie during your commutes.

1. Online Gaming and Gambling

The first portable pastime that comes to mind is online gaming, as there are thousands of free gaming apps to choose from in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Many online casinos have mobile sites and apps that you can use to compete for cash (i.e. – live roulette at Jackpot 247), which can add a nice little adrenaline rush to an otherwise unspectacular commute.

2. Read a Blog or eBook

Reading is always a good way to keep yourself busy during a commute, but instead of randomly skimming through web pages that you’re click baited into reading via social networks, why not commit to reading a specific blog or eBook? That way, you’ll actually be on the path to learning something focused rather than just soaking up whatever random information comes your way during a browsing session.

3. Social Networking

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are favorite commuting pastimes for millions of people, which is understandable because they keep you in tune with what’s going in the world. It’s like the news, only in a much cooler and socially enjoyable way. Plus, when you get tired of scrolling down your feed, you can always contact one of your friends or followers for an interesting conversation.

4. Podcasts and Audiobooks

Bring a pair of headphones or earbuds with you and you’ll be able to gain some edification from audiobooks and podcasts on your way to wherever you’re headed. If you’re new to this arena, check out Good Reads‘ super list of more than 1330 of the best audiobooks of all time. Medium also recently published a “101 Best Podcasts” piece that’s worth skimming through as well.

5. Watch Video Streaming Platforms

Finally, perhaps the easiest way to stay entertained during your commute is to just log into a video streaming site like YouTube, Netflix, or Hulu. Subscribing to channels and signing up for notifications is the best way to have a constant flow of new video content to enjoy on the go. Alternatively, you could also work on your own channel and videos while you’re on the train or bus, as some people do video updates and podcast while commuting.

6. Don’t Forget the Value of a Good Book

Sure, we already mentioned eBooks, but there’s also something to be said for a good old-fashioned paperback that you can quickly whip out and open up without any special app or digital process. Plus, you never know when you might be without battery or cell service, at which point you’ll be glad you at least brought your novel as a backup.

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