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5 Essential Tips for better Liver Health

5 Essential Tips for better Liver Health

Leading a healthy life without a healthy liver is impossible. The liver is one of the most resilient and hardworking organs in the human body. It is responsible for protecting and nurturing the body throughout life, and the liver possesses 100% regeneration properties. In other words, the liver can regenerate its tissues and cells all over again, enabling people to donate a portion of it to their loved ones. Keeping yourself updated on your liver conditions will help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping severe liver diseases at bay.

Functions of Liver 

Though a liver carries out over 500 functions in a human body, its primary functions involve detoxification, generation of digestive chemicals, and synthesis of protein.

  • Cleans Blood
  • Regulates all the body fuels
  • Produces essential body proteins
  • Regulates Cholesterol
  • Produces Bile

Tips to Achieve a Better Liver Health

How to keep liver healthy? Here are some critical tips for this:

  1. Healthy Weight – If you are carrying excess weight around your waist, it can give rise to insulin resistance. This situation can further aggravate to fatty liver diseases. According to a research study, 60% of obese people suffer from fatty liver disease, at least once in their lifetime. You can avoid this by introducing a series of physical activities in your daily routine. It can be going to the gym, running, jogging, walking, yoga, or anything else. Regular exercise will help you in maintaining a healthy weight and thus preventing liver-related diseases. According to experts, a person should exercise for about 5-7 hours per week to have an active metabolism. Start your journey with a 30 minutes brisk walk every day.
  2. Alcohol – Alcohol is detrimental to the liver’s health! We often read and hear this statement. Do you know that your liver can handle only a certain quantity of alcohol at a time? Too much alcohol consumption in a single go can cause some severe damages to your liver. Alcohol release a toxin called acetaldehyde on reaching the liver that can cause peptic or gastritis ulcer diseases. If you continue to drink heavily, you can suffer from permanent scarring or cirrhosis, alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver, or even liver cancer. Experts state that 11 standard drinks per week are enough to keep your liver at ease. Alcohol’s effect on the liver depends upon a person’s age, gender, current medication, and mental health. Start with gradual reduction instead of quitting it immediately.
  3. Healthy Diet – Make sure you consume a healthy diet including a lot of nutrition, fibers, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins for maintaining a healthy liver. You must also avoid taking any detox and instant liver cleansing diets. Increasing fruits, green vegetables, and water intake will help your liver to function efficiently. Avoid any direct contact with harmful chemicals, additives, insecticides, pesticides, and aerosol products. Wear a safety mask and make sure your room is adequately ventilated when you use aerosol products. If you smoke, it’s high time that you quit immediately
  4. Medications and Vaccinations – If you’re consuming medicines without consulting your doctor, you are risking your liver’s health. Consuming drugs without knowing its effects and side-effects can be hazardous for your liver. Mixing alcohol and medication can also cause severe damages to the liver. Don’t forget to discuss your current medical conditions, supplements, OTC drugs, and so on with the doctor. Make sure you avoid taking any extra medications on your own. Get regular vaccines as per the suggestions of your doctor.
  5. Avoid Contamination – Do you know that you can contract serious liver diseases through contaminated needles, infected blood, sharing personal hygiene items, unsafe sex, and dirty hands? In case you are exposed to infected blood, consult your doctor immediately. If left unattended, the infection can cause some long-term damages to your liver. Sometimes, unsafe needle practices can happen in rural hospitals. Ensure you provide your blood samples through new and sterilized needles only. You must avoid sharing items like nail clippers, razors, and even toothbrushes with anyone. They can transfer some contaminants to your body. Washing hands regularly, especially after changing diapers, and after using washrooms, can save you and your family from deadly liver diseases.

The best way to fight liver issues is by preventing it! If you have been taking your liver’s health lightly, it’s about time you modify your lifestyle for good. You can attain a healthy liver through some simple lifestyle changes. Discuss any unusual and sudden changes in your body with your doctor. A healthy liver is the basis of a healthy life! Good Luck!

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