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5 Blogger Outreach Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

5 Blogger Outreach Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Blogger outreach practice offers multiple benefits in digital marketing. To establish your firm as a brand, it is important to improve your credibility and gain the trust of customers. This is possible only if your firm gets cited by trusted sources.

Getting cited by trusted firms will not only give better exposure to your business, but will also strengthen the customer base. Apart from this, if you consider SEO, outreach works as a significant element for building reliable backlinks.

A strong and proficient outreach strategy consists of everything from choosing sites with proper domain authority to genuine ratings. To maintain their genuineness, apart from not handling the links to anyone, there are a lot of things they do and this is something that makes blogger outreach even tougher.

Here is a brief description of some mistakes you might make while practicing blogger outreach with some wonderful tips to avoid them:

  1. Expecting help without giving anything

Almost every blogger is aware of the importance of being cited in a high profile blog and if you are looking forward to grab their attention, catch one of their posts and link to it. Try to introduce yourself and make a standout impression while showcasing your desire to get a link back. Create a post which that can help you connect to other sources and blogs. Preparing such a post will take your valuable time and hard work and thus, use this strategy only for high priority posts. You must always choose the high profiles sites suitable to your niche.

If you consider the worst impacts, the person will neglect your post after getting useful information from it. However, this won’t happen if you choose the prospects smartly. Choosing correct sources and rich outbound links will have a great impression of your site on your readers.

It is also possible that the person may respond with a mail. You can use such tactics to build further relationships with a single link.

  1. Sending the mails quickly without reading

To send mails as a blogger outreach operation is a tough job, which is where an SEO specialist may come in handy You will have to send an array of mails to different receivers. A lot of bloggers and people tend to add a special touch to each mail to make it suitable for different readers. Although you use the best templates and the latest tools, you will have to work a lot on the mails which is quite time consuming. In such a scenario, it is possible for you to make mistakes like typing errors, spelling errors, tagging the wrong authors etc.

If you want to eliminate these possibilities, you must read the entre mail once before sending it. This will help you to eliminate the basic grammar or spelling mistakes. Though you choose the best templates and tools for your mails, if there are spelling errors in your mail, it will become hard for you to convince the readers.

Errorless mails reflect the quality of your writing and thus, use tools like grammarly to check the basic errors you might make while writing mails.

  1. Offering the content they comprise of

Especially, if you are offering a guest post, posting something they already have is such a waste of time. This ruins your impression as well. Repeating the same content shows that you never read their blog. There are tools used by blogs to scan sites for a specific content. You can use these tools to make sure that you don’t deliver any content they already have. So, try to deliver some value added and useful content through different techniques:

  • Prepare infographics: It is always better to convert the content into infographics and if you are unable to do it yourself, use tools like Canva for this purpose.
  • Don’t forget to choose the skyscraper method: This is a technique preferred for getting links from the source that links to the initial content. However, you can also use it for pitching different guest posts.
  • Change your viewpoint: You can also change your viewpoint towards the content. You can compare different aspects and tools and prepare better content. Add step by step guidelines to make the content more catchy and interactive.
  1. Sounding informal

When you write mails, try to sound friendly. Use professional language and a powerful tone to build better relationships with the reader. You can personalise each mail and deliver the mail focusing on the actual points in a subtle and pleasant way.

  1. Not taking a proper follow up

If you won’t take proper follow up, it is possible to get overlooked. Bloggers receive ample mails everyday and thus, the possibility of your mail getting deleted without reading is high. Thus, send a follow up mail once to grab their attention.

Blogger outreach is simply a tough and dynamic practice and thus, you will have to work on different techniques to target the right readers. You can also try backlink and keyword tracking for better results.

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