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5 A/B Split Tests to Improve Your Homepage

5 A/B Split Tests to Improve Your Homepage

Wouldn’t it be great to know the portion of your company’s website that gets the highest number of clicks?

We know that the homepage of a website is the most important page and should be optimized to obtain the best result for the website.

For the tech savvy folks, optimizing your website is not a new thing. However, optimizing the homepage to know the part of the website which gets the highest clicks might be new to some.

It’s not the most challenging thing to start A/B split testing, but it does take time to master it.

Here are 5 A/B split tests that can be done to improve your company’s homepage.



  1. Login and Signup Buttons

Running a test on your login and signup buttons will help you to decide the best CTA for your homepage login and sign up.

The test will show you the difference between different login and signup buttons on your sight.

After determining the one that gets more clicks, you can use the buttons that yield better results. After that, you can continue try tweeting even more. Try changing the colors, order or the position they appear on the page.

  1. The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar is another part of the homepage that can be tested to improve the performance of the homepage.

Optimizing the pages on your Navigation Bar to attract the most customers and drive more traffic to your website.

Reorder your navigation bar and determine the order that gets most clicks.

You can also optimize the copy on the navigation items to find the buttons that have the highest number of clicks.

The changes might also be in phrases, run a test on various phrases used and determine the one that has the higher percentage.

  1. Images

If your company runs a website that has a homepage with a lot of beautiful images, then you can try different images to determine if some gets more clicks than others.

Changing the images will also help in understanding if images of your products, or a person would be better.

Also you can also decide if a static image or a slider will attract more visitors to the website.

  1. Headlines

It is ideal to test the headlines of a homepage since it’s the main text on the homepage.

The test will help you measure the engagement of visitors to the website as well as measure their clicks on the Call to Action button.

Headline test will show how your headlines should be on your webpage.

Should you have them bolded or not?

You don’t know what will work for your homepage’s headlines unless you test them.

  1. Call to Action Button

Your call to action button is one part of the homepage, or landing pages, you can change to get different results.

Changing the buttons that lead your customers to your service or product might not seem like all that big of a deal, but it can make all the difference in the performance of the CTA.

You can change the location, color, font family and even the shape of your call to action for different results. A test on your Call to Action button will show the effect of these changes.



A/B split testing can be a great way to find subtle changes on your website that produce huge results.


As you start making your tweaks, you can find the setup that brings the highest conversion rates for your links. Compare your clickthrough and conversion results to your revenue to really see how you are performing with your new setup.

Remember to start small, and just change one item at a time to get the results. If you change too much too fast, you will never know what really caused the difference in conversion rates at the same time.

If you start getting multiple items that perform well, try to pair them with other high conversion items to find the best combination for your Homepage.

As your conversion rates go up, you can start to get more creative with your testing items.

What items are you split testing to get results? Let us know in the comments below?

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