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4 Easy Camera Ready Makeup Tips

4 Easy Camera Ready Makeup Tips

Doing makeup for an on camera appearance requires a bit more work than the average person’s everyday beauty routine. Whether you work as an online content creator and need to appear on camera or are about to film some employee training videos, here are a few simple yet effective tips for camera ready makeup.

Use Reliable Products

High definition cameras have the ability to pick up on every single one of your flaws, meaning it is important to use reliable products that you know will cover blemishes and stay looking fresh over a long period of time. Using reliable products is also important as it ensures that every product you use matches your skin tone appropriately.

Keep Things Matte

While glowing, dewy looks might be on trend, the truth is that a dewy finish can often look oily on camera. No matter you skin type, matteified makeup looks tend to look the best on film, so be sure to opt for a matte foundation and concealer, and set your look with a loose or pressed powder. When setting your face, be sure to opt for a colored powder that matches your natural skin tone in order to avoid looking too pale (especially when being filmed by a camera with flash).

Use a Setting Spray

While looking matte is extremely important when it comes to on camera makeup, looking cakey or like your makeup is too heavy can ruin your overall look. Setting your face makeup with a setting spray can help to keep your face from looking too powdery and to add a natural finish to your base. Don’t worry; there are plenty of setting sprays on the market that offer a matte finish, so you won’t have to worry about looking oily, even after spraying your face!

Blend Products Down Your Neck

Since the camera can pick up any imperfections and alter the appearance of your skin tone, it is important to ensure that all of your makeup products are blended properly. Be sure to blend bronzer, contour, and other products down your neck, to avoid your face being too dark or too pale for the rest of your body. This is an extra step that only takes a few seconds, but can drastically improve the look of your makeup on camera.

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