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3 Tips for Looking Great After a Long Flight

One of the most stressful parts of traveling is knowing you have several activities planned immediately after your flight lands. Whether you’re chartering a private Boeing 757 or taking a crowded commercial flight, there is no denying that spending a considerable amount of time onboard a plane is uncomfortable at best, and it’s likely that you won’t be looking for feeling your best when you land. If you have to embark from the airport on a day of adventures and want to look like your usual self, keep reading for a few tips that you can try onboard your plane that will leave you looking glam, even after several hours in the air.

Wear Minimal Makeup

From the dry air onboard your flight to the probability of you touching your face while sleeping onboard, there are many factors that can contribute to your makeup being messed up during a long-haul flight. Nothing feels worse than knowing that the makeup on your face is cracking, settling into fine lines, or generally just not looking great. Save yourself the trouble and opt for a minimal makeup look, so you have one less thing to fix before landing. Even better, go barefaced to the airport and bring a few essentials, such as lip balm, mascara, and concealer, in your carry-on to apply just before your flight lands.

Bring Comfortable Layers

No matter how good you want to look when your flight lands, wearing uncfomrtable or restrictive clothing such as jeans or a tight shirt will only make you more miserable during your journey and will lead to you feeling more uncomfortable once you arrive at your destination. Wearing comfortable and versatile clothing, such as leggings and a basic t-shirt, underneath layers such as a big sweater or jacket can give you a few options for refreshing your look upon landing at your destination, but will ensure that you are able to stay comfortable for the duration of your time in the air.

Hydrate Skin In the Air

The dry air onboard a flight is no joke and can lead to dehydration and other skin issues that can leave your skin looking tight and dull upon landing. While it might feel a little silly, using a hydrating face mask and other skincare essentials onboard to protect your skin from the elements and to add a boost of moisture is one of the most effective ways to keep skin looking and feeling hydrated, plump, and naturally dewy long after you land.

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