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2 Ways To Screen Your Business Partners

2 Ways To Screen Your Business Partners

Before signing agreements with new clients, employees, or other types of business partners, it can be helpful to know their history in several different areas. Perhaps you’re looking to find out their employment history to ensure they are a good fit for your company, or maybe you’re looking for their credit history to ensure that they take responsible actions. Now, thanks to the internet, finding basic information about people is easier than ever.

Screening Services

For a thorough and professional history of a person, you might want to look into professional screening services. Screening services, such as VeriScreen, offer services that can find you someone’s residential, employment, volunteer, collection, and credit history by searching several online databases and using other advanced technology to gather information. These services can be helpful to any careful businessperson looking to begin a professional relationship with new business partners.

Social Media

While less reliable than an online screening service, looking through someone’s social media history can garner some helpful information as well. Social media platforms can reveal someone’s true character. If he or she is routinely posting inappropriate or offensive things that could affect his or her business life, then you may want to cut off the relationship. However, keep in mind that using social media to screen people is not foolproof. More than 20% of people do not use social media, or if they do, it is largely inactive, and there may not be any helpful information there.

Knowing the person you decide to work with before blindly signing a contract is important. You should have a good grasp of what kind of person he or she is before inviting him or her to collaborate with you in a business setting. That way, you can hopefully avoid an uncomfortable or unprofessional situation involving that person.

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