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ZILCULATOR – The Realtor in Your Palms

One of the toughest part of property investing is the real estate analysis aspect, I’ll explain why this is so. Every property investor is investing for the sole aim of making profit – even President Donald J. Trump isn’t a real estate investor because he wants to improve our standard of living but for profit. But how can a property investor make profit if he buys a property at a higher amount or spends more after buying the property at a cost greater than he/she can possibly sell it? Your guess is as good as mine- loss is inevitable in such occurrence.

When buying a property for the purpose of investment, care has to be taken to ensure the property is purchased at a price lower than it can possibly be sold or to ensure the cost of repairs, remodeling or renovation when factored into the cost price would still be lower than how much the property can possibly be sold. But how can you get a proper analysis of the property in question? You can decide to use the traditional method of using a realtor or the more modern, faster and more efficient method of using the Zilculator.

The Zilculator is a software created to solve the most complex need of real estate – property analysis. With the aid of this excellent software – tagged the Realtor in Your Palms, you can make a proper analysis of the subject property and have it ready in no time – say goodbye to having to listen to endless complaints from your real estate agent. With an added functionality of preparing commercial real estate analysis, branding your report, making your report available or hidden from google search, comparing properties, an ability to store details of up to 20 properties, and ability to simulate different investment scenarios, this is a software you cannot afford not to have.

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