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YardYum – Airbnb For Gardening

YardYum – Airbnb For Gardening

YardYum is an innovative, new web-based platform that takes community gardening to a whole new level. It connects people who’re looking to start a garden with those who own unused land. It’s like the Airbnb of gardening!

By joining YardYum, you’ll become a member of a passionate gardening community. Gardeners can get in touch with landowners in order to find exclusive locations to start their urban gardens.  On the other hand, the owners can rent out their yard space for some extra income, or better yet so that they can get freshly grown produce from their own yard. It’s a win-win.

Now the concept of community gardening in itself in not new … it has been around for a long time. But it has been getting more and more popular since people started learning about the importance of organic foods. Today it’s very popular for people to turn towards community-gardening for a greener lifestyle.

There are many people who would love to be members of a community garden, however they’re unable to do so due to a lack of gardening space. After all it isn’t easy to find vacant yards in an urban setting, is it? Well maybe not before, but now it will be! This is exactly the kind of problem that YardYum has been developed to eliminate.

Whether it’s finding the right spot for your garden, or connecting with likeminded gardeners, YardYum can help you do it all. If you want a garden, start one! What are you waiting for?

Community gardening is great. Not only is it an ideal way to strengthen your ties with the community, it’s also a perfect way to maintain a supply of fresh produce for your family and friends. Organic food, especially the stuff you’ve worked so hard to grow, always tastes so much better. In this way, you can always be sure that your food is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

Moreover community gardens are also easy on your wallet. It’s far more economical than growing a garden completely on your own. You’ve got plenty of people helping you out, so it’s low stress and a lot of enjoyment.

The satisfaction that comes from being involved in something that’s not only having a positive impact on your community, but also making the world a better, greener place to live is in itself worth all the effort you put in.

Fresh air, good company, healthy food and a greener world – ain’t that the dream?

So sign up at, and you’ll be living that dream in no time. They’ve got a network that’s growing every day. People are eager to join this new movement of community gardening, and are loving it!

It’s YardYum’s dream that one day, there’ll be no empty yard left in any city worldwide. They want to make the world a greener, healthier and livelier place by occupying all those empty lots with bustling community gardens. Do you want to join this quest?

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