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Workout With Slim In 6‏

The first disc of Slim in 6 doesn’t use any resistance bands or that sort of thing. So pretty much, the first week is an introduction and adjustment to working out six days a week.  The next two disc’s use resistance bands and can be substituted with dumbbells. The workout DVD’s include men in the video doing the same techniques as Debbie but this who set is aimed for women. Mainly, this program is meant for women trying to lose their baby weight.

The purpose of doing workouts six days a week is to keep your body busy. This doesn’t give your body a chance to rest. With this type of training it is meant to keep the body toned and trimmed rather than bulky and cut. With each day that passes, the workouts are meant to keep the body lean and firmer.

The diet plan can be the backbreaker. Once the routine of exercising regularly gets into motion, matching the same discipline in your own eating habits can be challenging. It’s a lot of change all at once but that is the aim. At 1200 calories per day it may be too much for some people to integrate into their lifestyle and that’s depending on your size.

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