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Will a Portable Generator Be Able to Stop Your Basement From Flooding When the Power Goes Out?

Do you live in an area that often has electrical power outages? If you do, then you most likely have experienced some sort of personal loss during one. Whether it be fresh food you just bought going bad because the fridge lost power. Or, maybe your basement flooded because your sump pump lost power and couldn’t keep the water from destroying all your carpet and furniture. Well, doesn’t really matter because there is a solution. A portable engine-generator.

A genset that is highly portable has the ability to provide power to your essential home appliances when you need it most. They’re easy to use and can be setup in less than 10 minutes when the power goes out. That means no more flooded basements and no more wasted food. The problem is: there are more than 150 different portable generator options for you to choose from.

If your main need is to provide power during a home emergency then you first must decide how much power you need. You can get an emergency generator that has anywhere from 1,000 Watts of power up to 17,500 Watts of power. With 1,000 Watts you could power your fridge or a small sump pump, but not both. With 17,500 Watts you could power almost everything in your home. How comfortable do you want to be during the next outage?

If you’re looking for the smaller more affordable generator then I suggest you shop for an inverter generator. They’re quiet, portable, fuel efficient and can provide clean utility quality power for your sensitive electronics. This is essential if you want to keep your laptop or laser printer going during the next blackout. However, they tend to be more expensive because they are the newer technology. The best brand is Yamaha for this style of generator.

A conventional generator is different than an inverter in that it uses copper windings to induce an electric charge (inverter uses rare earth magnets). For this reason, they’re heavier, louder and more affordable. If you need a lot of power then you’ll need to get a conventional one. The best is manufactured by Generac and comes with a large fuel tank to ensure electricity is generated for 10 or more hours at a time.

If you still have no idea which generator you need or want then no worries – check out these generator reviews to easily draw your own conclusions. I am a Mechanical Engineer and have an in-depth knowledge of generators. I hope that you can effortlessly find your generator today.

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