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Why technology is making PayPal the best online payment solution

Why technology is making PayPal the best online payment solution

Are you having any challenges transacting online? Then PayPal is here for you. Online transactions can be very challenging due to security reasons. PayPal has embraced sophisticated internet technology to ensure that your details are kept safe.

PayPal has revolutionized online transactions. You can now safely sell your products or buy online using PayPal without any risk of your details getting to the wrong party.

Innovative solutions

Since its establishment, PayPal has grown big and won the trust of millions of people across the globe. PayPal became part of eBay after its acquisition in 2002.This corporation marriage did not stand the test of time. On 20th July 2015, the union fell apart. PayPal boasts of more than 200 million users distributed across the globe and they function in over 200 markets across the globe. Their customer base keeps growing as more people embrace the internet technology. To prevent money-laundering activities, some countries have limitations on the sum of money you can send or receive online every year.

The web technologies used by PayPal are varied. On the client side, some of the programming languages include JavaScript, HTML5, and UTF-8 among others. On the site, a few examples include External CSS, Embedded CSS and many others.

To ensure that criminals who are using computer programs do not breach security, PayPal has developed yet another technology to further secure their customers’ accounts. They have a portable device called PayPal Security Key that creates a six digit code every 30 seconds. The user links this key to his or her eBay or PayPal account. The six-digit code works in conjunction with the user ID and the password to create a unique security code. This way, your account is fully protected. The hackers cannot keep up with the rate at which the unique code is being generated.

Pacesetters in customer service

PayPal attributes its success story to excellent customer service. They work day and night to ensure that you and other customers can enjoy transacting over the internet anywhere anytime. You can contact them anytime anywhere through their website or you can give them a call through their PayPal UK contact.

Some of the reasons you might want to contact them include:

  • You did not get a product that you bought
  • To report any fraud in your account
  • You want to know PayPal’s charges for their products
  • You are having problems with your account
  • You are unable to login, maybe you cannot remember your credentials
  • To complain about a buyer or a seller


Whenever you call, ensure you have your account details ready. This makes the identification process easier. Always keep calm however annoyed you might be. This can delay your assistance.

PayPal has greatly changed how people transact online. Their security has been enhanced over the years. Customers no longer have a reason to fear. Online businesses have grown and increased since PayPal came into existence.


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