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Why I choose EgoPay?

With the rise of new businesses and individuals seeking small to large scaled entrepreneurship ventures the need for an secured merchant account is very apparent. Merchant Accounts are established to allow secured payment processing between two parties via a third non-biased party. E-currency also known as Electronic Money which is described on Wikipedia as being money that is exchanged electronically has become the more the leading method for individuals as well as companies to send money as well as receive money.

With the rise of more companies such as EgoPay it has become not just a desire but a necessity for individual and businesses that wish to do any exchange of currency to begin to establish a lifetime relationship with a secured online payment system.

Egopay is a e-currency that provides a secure environment in which individuals can purchase online goods, pay for services, subscriptions, entertainment and so much more via e-currency. Egopay was created with their clients as their main focus which is why you will find their services to be simple and inexpensive to you, the consumer. Their highly qualified and experienced professional team is composed of individuals that have past and present knowledge in payment processing, customer service and e–currency environments, which make them more than qualified to handle and process any and all customers concerns and issues.

So Why Do I Choose Egopay?

I recently decided to start a new business venture as a virtual assistant and like most business in order with receiving I needed to reliable payment system that I would feel comfortable directing my customers to. With several companies out there offering Merchant Accounts it seemed like the decision to choose the best company was more of a daunting task than I had ever anticipated. After reviewing my options I turned to a trusted friend who opened a new but highly successful marketing/promotion company in the Philadelphia-metro area and asked her what company she had chosen as her payment system processor. After speaking to my friend and a few of her colleges at a networking event the choice was apparently clear….Egopay! Creating an account is not only free but it was simple to create at their user friendly website: https://www.egopay.com/auth/signup

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