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Why Doesn’t Your Coffee Taste As Good As You Want?

Why Doesn’t Your Coffee Taste As Good As You Want?

While the soda drinks get a lot of advertisement time on TV and internet, there is no doubt that coffee is among the top most consumed drinks around the world. People are in love with coffee in the US. In many parts of Asia and Europe, coffee gets replaced by tea.

However, the complexities to create the flavor of tea are not as many as that of coffee. There is a lot of stuff that can affect the taste and flavor of your coffee. If you are always complaining that your coffee does not taste great, you might want to change these factors one by one.

First, the roast of your coffee has a huge impact on how your coffee is going to taste after it has been prepared. It’s simple to understand. Can ripe mango taste the same as unripe mango? In a similar fashion, how much the coffee beans have been roasted can completely change the taste of your coffee. What you have to realize here is that roasting profile is not just about the color of the coffee beans after the roast. Air flow, drum speed and cooling speed all factor in to affect the taste of roasted coffee beans.

Now, even before the roast comes into play, there is a term that you might have heard only a few times in life – terroir. Terroir means the complete environment given to the plants that bear coffee from their start to the point when they are harvested.

There are many things that factor in when you are talking about terroir. For example, just the altitude of where the plants have been planted can have a huge effect on coffee taste. Secondly, the climate and soil type will also play their part on changing its taste.

The processing of coffee cherries is another thing that you might want to know about. The problem here is that this process is quite complicated and there is a lot to talk about in it. Just know that processing can be done in many different ways and the method used for processing can have an impact on the taste of your coffee. Blending is another thing that plays a huge role in the taste of the final coffee drink that goes in your mouth. How different types of beans are blended or not blended at all can change the taste of coffee completely.

While there are many other little things affecting your coffee flavor, a big factor that people would often ignore is how the coffee beans are ground. Coffee beans can be ground using blade grinders or burr grinders. The most consistent results are given by burr grinder and that’s why it is highly recommended for tasty coffee drink.

In some coffee drinks you can get away with coarse grounds but with some you need to have the finest grounds possible. If you want to know more about different types of grinders and their effects on coffee taste, you can know at www.knowyourgrinder.com.

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