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Why Cleaning Your Criminal Record Is So Important

A criminal record can be a frustrating experience for some. The one and only method to get rid of such frustrating situation is getting a pardon. An ex-convict can get a pardon in Canada from the Parole Board of Canada. It is important for a person who has done some crime in his past to remove the stains of a crime from his character. There are three methods to achieve this, one is by getting your conviction expunged, sealed and the other is by receiving a pardon. Here are some reasons that will explain why it is necessary for an ex-convict to get a pardon.

a) With the help of a pardon, one can lead a peaceful life. A blot in a person’s character can easily take away his peace of mind. This situation can have a deep impact in persons relationships. He can lose his self-confidence easily.

b) Pardon helps an individual to restore his civil rights. All the civil rights are taken away from the ex-convict in one form or the other. With civil rights, I mean that an ex-convict looses his right to vote as well as he is unable to hold any public office.

c) In Canada, many employers cross-check about all the information provided by the applicant carefully. Therefore, it becomes necessary for an ex-convict to obtain a pardon in order to get a desired job.

d) Due to the past convictions, an ex-convict can lose a case in court in terms of child’s custody. Because a criminal record of an ex-convict can lay a negative effect on the case.

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