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Why an Online Business is Your Ticket to Wealth

Why an online business is your ticket to wealth!

Every Monday morning in America, people are hitting their snooze buttons in anticipation of another long week of work. They rush to get dressed and showered, eat their breakfast on the go, and sit in traffic with the other poor souls who wish they were somewhere else. Arriving at work after the weekend feels like Groundhog Day, and even though it’s a new week, not much has changed. Most people spend the first ten minutes daydreaming about being to be rich enough to just walk out and say “I quit.” The reality is there are people who found there ticket to wealth without winning the lottery, and they did it by starting their own online business.

Starting an online business is the way of the future for anyone with a little entrepreneur in their blood. Many blogs and articles will say that only 5% of the people trying to make money on the internet are actually turning a profit. That would mean

the other 95% bought into something and never gave it chance, or perhaps they didn’t have a support team or a mentor to guide them through the process. Either way, the bottom line is this; online businesses generate billions of dollars per year, and the business owners with the greatest drive to succeed, do.

There are a few key things one must look for before deciding on which type of online business to pursue. The first is price. Most people are not willing to risk three or four thousand dollars to start an online business. Companies that require that large of an upfront investment are usually too good to be true. They send the customer a crate full of software and wish them good luck on figuring out how to apply it. Look for a company that has a start up cost of under a thousand dollars and doesn’t guarantee you’ll make a hundred thousand dollars your first month.

The second key thing one should look for when starting an online business is a good mentor or support team. It is easier to succeed when one can actually speak to an owner who already has a proven track record of making money. They should offer you step by step instructions and software support so that getting started is as easy as possible.

Finally, to be a profitable online business owner, one has to have the desire to be successful. Being your own boss requires discipline and work ethic, but the rewards can be life changing. A person with the right attitude can truly be financially free in less than ten years and never have to worry about Monday morning again. Imagine that.

In Macon, GA, there is a father and son team, Jesse McClung and Jeremy Lee, who are helping everyday people realize their dreams of becoming online business owners. Owning your own online business doesn’t just have to be a Monday morning daydream, it can be a reality. Please visit to find out more about having your own online business, and then maybe one day you too can walk into your job and say proudly, “I quit”.

Jeremy Lee is a financial consultant and husband and father. He is an avid fisherman and hunter. He is an Atlanta Falcons fan.

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