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When Should you Outsource Projects for your Online Business?

Outsourcing is starting to become common practice. Some times it makes sense to outsource projects that are needed for your online business, but most of the time when starting a new online business it makes more sense to do or at least be very involved with the work thats being done. This is something that Ive personally experienced and has helped me in a big way.

Im talking about getting dirty with the work that needs to be done, not just working with your market, but getting your hands dirty when it comes to setting up your websites, writing your sales letters, making phone calls, sending emails, installing scripts, managing lists, customer service, creating your own graphics, etc.

Many marketers will outsource much, if not all of the above, but of course, this can be expensive. Sometimes it costs a lot of money that some people just starting dont have. Its also going to cost you a lot of time, especially when youre outsourcing something new that you havent had any experience with before.

So heres some advice to you. The next time you put up a website, create a product, or purchase and install a script, do everything yourself. Install the scripts, build the graphics, write the sales letters and handle customer service requests directly. Of course you can and probably will need to get some help, but there are tons of resources available on the internet to learn these things.

Later in your online business career, it might make good sense to hire people to do the work you used to do. But you will already know how to do the things that you are outsourcing which will allow you to know how to oversee the work that is being done. Once you know how to do these things, it will give you masses of confidence to work with your own business.

If you outsource from the start , then what will you do if you want to change your products around, add a new service, add some bonuses, add a backend product, write some fresh new ads, change your sales letter around, or experiment with a new method that youve discovered? You cant unless you hire someone to do it for you, simply because you didnt learn how to do it yourself. This will cost you lots of time and money.

Never pass up the chance to learn something new.

So the next time you purchase a script, why not follow the instructions and try to install it yourself? For many things, once youve done one, youve done them all. Make your own graphics, test and track your own sales copy. Once youve mastered all these things and are making money, then consider hiring someone to do it for you to save time, but not before, or your business will not be able to compete with competitors that have more experience than you.

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