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What you’d do for $5?

Over the time the Internet revealed that there are thousands of small business ideas. Some of them succeeded, some of them didn’t.

The businesses with the most potential are the ones in the advertising and marketing area. We can’t ignore the web hosting type businesses either.

One of the emerging businesses is the Awesome Gig like ones. Basically, a platform like that enables people to interconnect one with each other based on what they’d do for a certain amount of bucks, $5, in this certain example.

The signup process is simple; you can connect with Facebook or Twitter, too, if you have an account.

After the signup process you can:

  • Create a gig, which is something (a job) you’d do for $5
  • Pay someone $5 to have an Awesome Job done for you.

Now, there is a wide variety of posted jobs. You would be surprised how many things people would do for $5: they would get you some .edu or .gov links, write an article for you, take a tough decision for you and even call your mate and tell him/her that you’re gay!


I think that this type of business, based on Freelance Job offering will be the next milestone of the Internet.

There are a lot of benefits using this service, the main one in my opinion being that stimulated individuals to monetize what they like to do.

You like to sing but no one listens? You like to draw? You like to write? Checkout and be paid for what you like to do!

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