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What You Should Know About Your Rental History

What You Should Know About Your Rental History

The cost of living is reaching extremely high levels as Americans cope with the harsh economic times. Every year, millions of families are evicted from their homes after being unable to pay rent. This has been a common challenge with the rent increasing to up to 7% in the recent year with only 1.8% average increment in people’s income. Hence, many Americans face the gross challenge of having their rental history records tainted, making their search for another home very difficult. With these harsh realities in mind, it is important for you to enlighten yourself on rental history, eviction and agreements that pertain to leasing and rent.

  • Shun ignorance or it will go against you.

Wise individuals are aware of their rent history records. You can get your record by involving a trusted agency either physically or online. Most landlords these days have access to software and information pertaining to potential tenants who show interest for their property; including previous evictions and criminal records. Being aware of the information that a landlord can get about you can help you be prepared to answer questions in a wise manner, and be possibly pardoned.

Having a rent history with eviction does not necessarily shut you out from getting the apartment you would like. You can get supporting documents to prove you were dismissed with prejudice or that the case was settled. Better still, you can clear your record by applying a petition with the court where the eviction record was filed.

If you have a criminal record, you can still get a good rental unit if you connect and seek help from organizations that reintegrate ex-convicts back to society. These organizations can offer housing referrals or even step in the gap if a landlord shows reluctance due to the potential tenant’s criminal record. This process can be favored by the law, since some state laws prohibit landlords from closing out an applicant due to a past criminal record.

Besides having info on how to go about your rental or criminal history, it is important to counter check that your records are accurate. If you spot inaccurate information, you can contact a rental history agency to assist in rectifying the information.

  • Be open

Omitting information or lying about your rental history will go against you most of the time. You will most probably get an immediate dismissal if the landlord is already aware of your rental history. The best way to go about it is by being genuine and open to the landlord regarding what happened and how you have tried to rectify the situation.

Overall, you can avoid all this by trying your level best to be free from eviction. You can do this by always paying your rent on time, understanding your lease agreement before signing it and reporting and repairing any damages that you cause to the apartment in good time.

However, it is understandable that unexpected financial challenges can cause quite unexpected evictions. You can still avert this by foreseeing or quickly accepting the state of your finances and taking action immediately by moving out in a respectable manner. Ultimately, what matters is maintaining a good record for your future endeavors.

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