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What to Consider for Writing a Quality Essay

What to Consider for Writing a Quality Essay

Student or not, being able to write a good quality essay is a useful learning tool. It is the starting point of how you will communicate in the corporate world or in any place for that matter. Also, writing good essays are a good intellectual exercise as it requires craftsmanship and confinement. Here are the best ways to write a good quality essay.

Write Your First Draft as Freely as Possible
Your essay begins after your research. You have to begin by gathering your notes and picking out all the points that you want to appear in your essay. This part is called Outlining: this is when you write your draft and writing as many points as you possibly can – no restrictions. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just get all the ideas that you have and write it down.

Express Yourself Clearly
To be concise and as clear as possible should be the underlying premise of your essay. Being thrifty with your words is a strong character of an essay as the usual reader do not like their time being wasted on pointless rambles or in other words, fluff. One way of ensuring that you communicate clearly and to the point is by building your vocabulary and using it properly. There are always new words to learn to help you achieve effectivity with the use of simple words and short sentences. Also, having a good vocabulary sends the message that you are an intelligent writer. Equipped with a good vocabulary, it would not be difficult to persuade and inform through your essay.

No Repetitions
Use words that help you build an argument not to repeat an idea over and over and hope that it will stick to your reader. Repeating certain words like conjunctions would not allow you to appear intelligent, worse, it makes you sound like a broken record. Expand your language, and express yourself as if you are walking your readers through a tour of your story and guiding them through it.

Identify the Parts of Your Essay
The Introduction, Body and the Conclusion – this is the most basic structure of an essay. These three are needed to be able to identify your work as an essay. The introduction is one paragraph, the body is several paragraphs which cover all the main points of your essay, while the conclusion is one paragraph which circles back to the main point and concludes it.

You may be tempted to write down all your ideas and just state them all in your essay, but having too many ideas and not being clear about it is worse than having one single idea, and perfectly communicating it. The experts at recommend focusing to your essay by taking a specific angle and perception. Make sure that each point you write is supported by an example or a reference from what someone credible studied and said.

Get Creative
Setting all the technical points aside, after you’ve succeeded in building a structure, now it’s time to beautify your piece. But beautifying is not making it longer or making it sound more intelligent. Being creative about your essay means incorporating a writing style— tone of voice, punctuation, and syntax all play into this. These factors would make your essay interesting and engaging.

Get Active
As you write your essay, you’ll be surprised at what an active or a passive voice does to it. Writing it in a clear active voice suggests as sense of urgency and immediacy. It makes the essay more compelling and draws the attention of the readers to it.

No matter the topic of your essay, whether you’re struggling with it or it’s a topic of interest, keep in mind all these points for a more effective output. If you’re still unsure, seek the advise of others, have them read your essay and write down their suggestions. The most important part is to get your message across to your reader in the way you want it to be heard.

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