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What is an affiliate network?

Briefly, an affiliate network is really a 3rd party system that has numerous different affiliate merchants, services and products all rolled into one. An affiliate network makes it much simpler for both merchants and marketers to complete business online, because things are standardized. Additionally, it enables you to definitely work from one location and make up a stream of re-occurring income in the affiliate network you decide to use. A good example is Blue Global Media.

An affiliate marketer for example, can register having a particular affiliate network just once, but select from hundreds of or thousands of merchants to advertise. Without needing a network, the affiliate would need to register at a variety of sites – one for each merchant or program, that they wish to promote. It is then so much simpler to create those streams of re-occurring income. Utilizing an affiliate network usually makes it much simpler to produce links on your websites as well. Rather than needing to log into a variety of places and get advertising links, pictures or copy… you just log in to the network and also the links all make use of the same format.

Frequently, utilizing an affiliate network means you can get paid more often too. The best option would be a cash advance affiliate program, but that is not always available. If you are promoting ten different merchants individually and each of these merchants includes a minimum earnings requirement before you’ll get paid, it will take much longer to create enough sales for each one. However, when utilizing an affiliate network, all of the sales designed for all your merchants are totaled together, so your commission pay-outs are aggregated and you are in a position to get paid sooner it doesn’t matter how many merchants you promote.

As you can appreciate, this really is one of the best good reasons to make use of an affiliate network. Earning $5 each with 10 as well as 100 different merchants individually could be great… although not with regards to being paid. If each of these merchants requires you to definitely earn at least $25 or worse, $100 before you can get your money; you get earning $500 although not getting paid. If those sales were made with an affiliate network – despite 100 different merchants – the network would combine your earnings. Which means you will get your $500 once the network processes and sends your look for the particular pay period.

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