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Webwindows | How to Boost Traffic With Newspaper Advertising

A recent research commissioned by Google and conducted by Clark, Martire & Bartolomeo has thrown up some interesting facts related to newspaper advertising. According to the report, consumers often research products and services on the Internet after they see them advertised in the newspapers. The study indicates that two-thirds of the people turn to the Internet to research for more information for the products advertised in the newspaper. Then again, 70 percent of the people from this group actually do make purchases following the research.

The results of the research aptly demonstrate the importance of advertising in newspapers and other print media to boost online sales. Earlier research on the subject also points to the fact that newspapers continue to dominate as popular mediums of advertising for consumers in the USA and the UK.

Confirming this trend, John F. Sturm, Newspaper Association of America (NAA) president and CEO, said, “The study also shows the trust consumers place in newspaper ads and the benefits of advertising in both mediums to reinforce consumer confidence in those products and services.”

All said, the study lends support to the belief that the print media plays a powerful role in driving and motivating people to conduct additional research on the Internet for more information. In other words, this means that newspaper advertising is an effective method to drive traffic to websites. Combine newspaper advertising with online advertising and what you get is more consumers purchasing your offerings. Both forms of advertising reinforce consumer confidence in the products and services.

One reason for the impact of newspapers in advertising is that newspapers form an integral part of people’s daily experiences. Given the type of consumer interactions that are now taking place online in social networking sites, it becomes all the more important to reinforce brand images and direct responses through newspaper advertising.

It is not without reason that more and more companies are today turning to the print media as an effective channel for their advertising campaigns. That newspaper advertising plays an important role in increasing web traffic, is reiterated by the figures released in the report. Of all the people who researched the product advertised in the newspaper, 67 percent went online to search for more information. Compare this figure to 48 percent who visited a store, 23 percent who called a store and 23 percent who asked a friend and you will realize the power of newspaper advertising in driving traffic to websites.

Around 48 percent of the people polled for the study revealed that their trust level towards a product advertised online increased manifold when they saw it advertised in the newspaper also.

Given the above, it becomes clear that if you want to succeed online you must advertise offline also. So if you want to increase traffic to your website, advertise your site in the newspapers and magazines. In the UK, you can advertise your services through Web Windows, an online company that ensures that every advertising pound you spend is spent wisely. Through them, you can have your advertisement placed in all major newspapers in the UK at very cost effective rates. So advertise your online business in all the major newspapers in the UK and see the results in the form of increased numbers of web enquiries, increase in sales, increased number of repeated purchases and improved customer loyalty and long-term competitive advantage.

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