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Webwindows Guide To Print Media Advertising

According to recent studies conducted by companies such as Google and Deloitte, print advertising is the safest, surest and the most effective way of driving traffic to websites. Companies such as Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, had realized the power of print media in increasing web traffic more than ten years ago. The Webwindows page, which is completely dedicated to small and medium sized online companies to advertise their offerings, appears in seven leading newspapers in the UK. The Webwindows page is read by a dedicated group of consumers who browse through the classified advertisements to search for the best bargains to shop for from the comforts of their homes without having to spend time and gas visiting retail stores.

Webwindows suggests that online companies should draft a well written classified advertisement to target their consumer group. This means that the advertisement that appears on the Webwindows page should have an attractive tagline that captures the essence of the product and service. This should be followed by the listing of the USP of the products and services; Webwindows suggests that for best results, these should be in the form of bullets rather than in a paragraph form. Finally the contact details and the URL of the company website should be clearly mentioned so that a consumer, after reading the advertisement on the Webwindows page, simply logs on to the net and goes to the site to search for more information or to make a purchase.

For many people advertising on the Internet seems to be a more viable option because it seems to be cheaper. Webwindows disagrees to this notion. To support its case, Webwindows suggests that companies should do a cost and sales analysis of their advertising spend. For example, online companies may have invested in PPC campaigns where they have to spend money on purchasing keywords so that their advertisements appear on relevant search result pages. Yet all clicks on the advertisements may not convert into sales and so online companies would have to pay for these clicks also. Therefore, Webwindows suggests that instead of focusing on online advertising, online companies can spend more or less the same amount in advertising in the print media and get better results. Advertising in the Webwindows page can prove to be an effective way of flooding your website with traffic and also ensuring better sales results.

Advertising in the print media and especially on pages such as the Webwindows page, can help online companies reach the right audience. The Webwindows representatives will help you to select the right newspaper based on demographics, publication type and location so that you reach the right audience. Feedback and repeat advertisement by online companies, who have advertised in the Webwindows page, stands testimony to the role of the print media in improving web traffic leading to better sales.

Andrew Mogridge is managing director of web windows marketing limited. Web Windows has offered the best value newspaper advertisements in the market for over a decade. For more information, check out his web site at

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