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Webwindows Guide To Effective Advertising

Webwindows, a leading media agency in the UK, recommends that to make the best use of their advertising dollars, online companies should advertise in the print media. Despite the onslaught of the online media, it is to the print media that people turn when they have to make their purchase decisions. Webwindows stand is supported by the latest research findings, all of which clearly highlight the fact that people place more confidence in the newspapers and magazines than on advertisements on the Internet. According to Webwindows, the reason for this is that the advertisements in the newspapers are paid advertisements and this somehow reduces chances of fraud.

Webwindows believes that it becomes all the more imperative for small and medium sized companies to advertise in the print media in times of recession. This is because, according to Webwindows, more and more people turn to the newspapers to find out what is happening and understand why it is taking place. So newspapers in difficult times have a much wider audience than during normal times.

Another reason why Webwindows encourages online companies to consider focusing their advertising spend on newspapers is that it proves more cost-effective in the long run. If you are advertising on the Internet, you are spending money on buying keywords and running a PPC campaigns. According to Webwindows, if you do a cost analysis of your advertising results, you will find that your spend can be really high because you are paying for clicks that are not turning into conversions. So Webwindows believes that your return on investment can be significantly higher if you advertise in the newspapers.

Capitalizing on the power of the print media in promoting sales, Webwindows has a special page, called the Webwindows page, which appears as a color supplement in seven leading newspapers in the UK on the weekends. The Webwindows page is dedicated to small and mid sized online companies who can advertise their offerings in newspapers and magazines in the UK. Advertising with Webwindows is cost-effective and provides you with a ready audience of over 5 million readers who go through the Webwindows page every week. The advantage to online companies is obvious. Your advertisement is read by a highly targeted group of people who are actually looking for online bargains, products and services.

Webwindows builds its case by pointing out that by advertising in the newspapers, online companies can further build their customer base and target those people who are not so tech-savvy. All these people have to do is to read the advertisement on the Webwindows page, log on to the net and find out more information or simply purchase the product if the company is offering options for online purchasing.
If you advertise with Webwindows you can gain from their experience and expertise. The Webwindows representatives will help you choose the best newspaper that can meet your requirements in terms of reaching your target customers and markets.

Andrew Mogridge is managing director of web windows marketing limited. Web Windows has offered the best value newspaper advertisements in the market for over a decade. For more information, check out his web site at

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