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Website Monitoring Services

Any webmaster wants his website to be alive and kicking all the time. Downtime can result in loss of revenue and client dissatisfaction. Many technical difficulties like the vanishing of the website or sluggishness of the website are beyond the control of the webmaster. There may be software or hardware issues. The webhost may have scheduled maintenance of server. Some webhosts alert the webmasters if the websites are down. There are companies offering web monitoring services. These companies monitor the websites continuously in the intervals of a couple of minutes to sixty minutes. Better monitoring is provided by paid services. To avoid all these problems, a webhost can avail hostgator coupon to enjoy trouble free working of his website.

Monitoring service providers send an auto request to the website and wait for the response. The response will indicate whether the site is working or not. The availability of the website is checked from different locations of geography. If there is no response from the website, the monitor will send subsequent request in gaps of some seconds from different locations. If the response is bad after three or more attempts, an alert is raised. The alerts are passed on to the webmaster who in turn can contact the webhost for getting the issues sorted. All the functions of the website can be monitored by this mechanism.

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