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Web Host Guide – And the Pitfalls to Avoid

In this web host guide I will explain the basics of what web hosting is. In this web host guide I will also explain the pitfalls to avoid, which will save you time and costly mistakes.

What is web hosting and why do I need it?
Your website is made up of various files similar to what you have on your computer, these need to be stored somewhere online so when people type in your domain name (your web address) they can see your site.
Web hosting companies have high specification computers for the storage of many websites and powerful links allowing numerous visitors to your site at the same time.

What to consider when web hosting

Web space-This is the size of storage for your website. Starting around 50megabytes (mb) which should be amble for all but the largest sites

Bandwidth-This refers to the amount of data your site can transmit to your site visitor. For most sites half a gigabyte should be fine but if you want to sure go for 1 gigabyte

Emails-Most web hosts offer you email meaning you can use your domain name as a email address which has a more professional look.

Domain name-This is your web address, some companies will provide them free of charge. Or if you have bought the name with another company will transfer it for you.

Help-The chances are sooner or later you will have some sort of niggling problem so need to know technical help is on hand 24/7

Pitfalls to be wary off

Band width charges-Check the small print on bandwidth charges, if for what ever reason you go over your allotted band width you will be charged extra and this is often at a premium rate

Set up Charge-Check whether VAT is included, look for hidden costs with things like domain name transfer or registration

Minimum contract length-Some companies will try to lock you into a year or even more contract.

Domain name ownership-A few companies will register your domain name to themselves which means you do not own the name.

Hopefully this web host guide has given you at least a basic understanding of web hosting, Of course hosting is only one part of running a successful website business. The best way to ensure success on the web is to follow a recognised step-by-step guide

There are many guides out there ranging in price and quality, the one I always recommend is the one I personally used “create your first website by 3:45 this afternoon” a free step-by-step manual designed for the absolute beginner.

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