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Web Design Quotes

Everybody knows that having a great website is essential. Therefore selecting a Web Design Agency is an important decision for your business. There are millions of Web Design Agencies in the world. All of them say they are great so how do you select one that is best for you?

Here are some tips from someone that is a very experienced buyer of web design services:

1) Select an Agency with a good track record and a good online portfolio.
2) Follow up references. Not just one or two. Ask for five and ring them all.
3) Try to meet the Agency. This helps to see if you think you can work with them. Also you will hopefully get to see their offices and their staff. This helps to build a bigger picture of the Agency.
4) Do not buy on price. Buying Web Design services on price is a huge mistake. Do not think that because an Agency has given you a low web design quote they will be the best option. Often low quality Agencies quote very low. This enables them to get a foot in the door. Web Design projects often do not finish on budget and so the initial quotation should be seen as a starting point. You will not be charged less than the initial quote, but you will often end up spending far more than the initial quote. Therefore do not select an Agency on price. Our advise is to pick an Agency that quotes in the mid or top of the range of quotes you are give. As the famous expression goes ‘if you pay peanuts you get monkeys’.

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