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Web Design: a First Look

Web design can be very simple with the advanced web design tools to help you that are available today. I suggest starting off using Microsoft Frontpage for your first few web designs. It is without a doubt the best beginning HTML editor for web designers and developers to use. The problem with designing your first web page with it is that even a old version of the web design software is around one hundred and fifty dollars. You can however download a free thirty day trial from the Microsoft site. There is an alternative web design software that you can download for free which is very similar to the FrontPage software for designing your first website. The program is called NVU (pronounced n-view). The NVU web design software has a lot of the same features and is an open source web design program which means it is a free download. You can download the software from this link

Making your first web design is easy, it is creating something well that can become difficult. You would have a hard time using just one of the aforementioned programs to design a good website. The images for the new web design would have to be altered and buttons would have to be created. Now an imaging software solution must be considered. The most obvious imaging solution for web design would be to PhotoShop; but again even on Ebay the product is sold for two or three hundred dollars. There is an open source alternative to this program as well, the Gimp Shop. This software will be more than enough for all the web design needs for the beginner and advanced web designers. The Gimp can be downloaded from the above link as well. For a more simple imaging solution you might take a look at Macromedia’s fireworks. I find it be the most effective when making buttons or overlaying text onto buttons for my web design. This software is anywhere from sixty to one hundred dollars on Ebay.

Now that you have the tools to start your new web design it’s time to learn how they work. The learning curve on the products I have suggested are the best out there, but that does not mean you will be able to sit down without any training and bust out a quality web design in a day. You will need some help. I suggest you visit our Hereiamlive Web Design Help Forum

The Hereiamlive Web Design Help Forum has many articles on web design and the development of websites. The site hosts a variety of free training videos, and a questions and answers section where you can have your web design questions answered by a professional for free.

Your are now armed with the tools and knowledge to create a professional web design. Your main challenge is to create a good web design is learning the more complex workings of your imaging software. After you master the image layering and some of the available specials effects your web designs will look vastly improved. Once you accomplish making a few professional web designs I would recommend learning Macromedia Flash to spice up your websites. Remember when using Flash you do not want to use too much as the search engines have a hard time picking up the Flash code. You always want to have a search engine friendly web design so sometimes less is more.

Well, hope this article helps with your web design needs.

Good Luck, and may all your first web design be a great one!

By: Corey Turcotte

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