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VibraSlim increases the metabolism while lowering blood pressure

In researching this article I found almost 700 medical research reports on the benefits of vibration exercise over at

They found an impressive amount of benefits including, increased bone density (osteoporosis), increased muscle strength, better flexibility, joint pain reduction, increased HGH levels, and faster metabolism, just to name a few.

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I also found a weight-loss report on VibraSlim’s website that was presented at the “European Congress on Obesity” that had groundbreaking results and has caused a stir in the weight loss community.

The report found that using whole-body vibration machines dieters lost up to four times the fat when compared to dieters doing conventional exercise.

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Even more exciting was that after six months the vibration fitness group had maintained their weight-loss and the conventional exercise group had gained all of the weight back.

My dieting friends out there know this as the Yo-Yo effect. Vibration exercise, they found resets the bodies weight set point, this is what your body thinks it should weigh.

POst on Health, Fitness or weightloss blog

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Videos are at:

VibraSlim purports to end up being an exercise physical fitness system supported by seem science. This gadget utilizes the principles of whole body vibration to market weight loss.

The actual VibraSlim exercise program works with a triangular oscillating motion to make vibration on the feet in which moves through the entire entire body. According to the manufacturer, the body adapts to be able to external triggers to produce a therapeutic effect.

Ten minutes a day, 3 or 4 times a week, works to burn off excess fat, tighten skin, improve hormonal production, improve blood circulation and bone strength and density.

Additionally, VibraSlim increases the metabolism while lowering blood pressure as well as cortisol levels. The site states that Russian Cosmonauts employed a similar system for 420 days in space. This method effectively decreased bone and also muscle deterioration.

VibraSlim claims several experts, including NASA, support the theory behind vibration exercise.

Learn more at the VibraSlim Fitness website!

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