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Using Optin Lists to Build a Better Online Business Revealing the Myths of Optin Email

Opt-in email lists can either be the key to your online business success or end up becoming the great down fall of what could have been a fabulous online business for you. Unfortunately, with so many opt-in email myths creating such a stir, it can be difficult to decipher between helpful information and not so helpful information. So I am here to help.

Myth number one: Email is ineffective for marketing because there simply aren’t enough people with active email accounts.

This is not accurate. If you are trying to build an online business, then you are looking for people who are already online and who tend to do business online. Every day the internet grows by another 3% through upgrades, additions, and of course first time users. Those who have any type of online account also have an email account, as internet connection software includes email as part of the package.

Myth number two: Email marketing offends people and turns people off to my business.

This is not accurate, either. It is spam that offends people and turns people off to your business. Always seek out permission, which is why we call it opt-in email lists. Opt-in emails lists is short for optioning in. People are choosing to be a part of your transmissions.

Myth number three: Emailing everyone is a waste of time and energy.

In some cases, this would be true, however, we are not talking about emailing everyone. We are talking about emailing those who have a desire to be on your list. If they have signed up, then your time is well spent when you include them.

Myth number four: Maybe it was effective before, but I started my online business too late to market via email.

While there is no doubt that opt-in email lists have been popular for a long time, they are still popular because they work. Opt-in email lists are not a trend, but a solid and basic marketing tool.

Using opt-in email lists are still an effective and efficient method of marketing your online business. Whether you are trying to sell a product or are attempting to recruit others to join you, those who join into an email list do so because they want to be there and want the information. You are going to end up competing with a lot of other people who want the very best in marketing techniques. Crafting creative subject lines and avoiding the template copy and paste advertising writing will help you gain the attention of more readers.

Building an opt-in list is more effective than joining one that is already in existence. Joining an opt-in email list is the most common method of email marketing. While this can lead to successful online businesses, and can be a great place to start when you are learning, the competition can be heavy.

Building your own requires the collection of information from people who will voluntarily provide you with their name and email address. If you are going to build one from scratch, you will probably have to come up with numerous creative methods of asking people to join your own personalized list. Possible and well worth the effort, but often better to get your feet wet in an existing opt-in email list.

You can usually grab a few email addresses through implementing simple yet effective techniques when combining brick and mortar stores with online business. Your cash register, the sales associates, and the ‘freebie method’ are all great ways for brick and mortar individuals to collect email addresses daily.

Those without a store front can apply the same methods with a little creativity and a little help from existing stores. Get permission first, but you can set up your own little self promotional area in many different stores and run your own campaign. Set up a free giveaway station and in exchange for opting into to your list you will enter each name in a drawing at the end of the month. This seems like a difficult leap, but it is one of the most effective methods of collecting email addresses as you grow,

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