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Useful tips on Windows 7 password security

Data security is of great importance to every PC user in the Age of Information. In spite of the rapid development of security technology, login password still plays a vital role to protect data security in Windows systems. Windows 7 login password is not an exception. Most Windows 7 users will choose to create a Windows 7 password so that others can’t get access to their encrypted PCs without their permissions. Many of them tend to make the password as complicated as possible, though they may have to deal with password recovery Windows 7, in order to make the password difficult to be figured out. In this passage, I’d like to share with you my tips on Windows 7 password security.

Make a secure Windows 7 password

When it comes to Windows 7 password security, we should firstly talk about how to make a secure password. Unlike Windows 8 password, Windows 7 users can only create a text password, composed of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and a few symbols. To make a secure login password, you should firstly avoid using words containing any information that can be guess by others who know you, say, the data of your birthday, the name of a pet, your favorite color, etc. Besides, any word that can be found in the dictionary is not recommended, for many passwords hacking software packages will firstly try to access Windows 7 with a word from a standard dictionary. Besides, your password shouldn’t be too short. Make it as complicated as possible if you have a good memory. In addition, it is a good habit to leave password hints for your login password.

Keep your password on Windows 7 PC

After you have created a strong password for Windows 7 PC, you should take some measures to make the password safer. It is suggested by many IT security experts that users can set password expiry to protect your password. In addition, a password reset disk can help you reset your password safely and quickly when you forget your password. Therefore, remember to create a password reset disk after you’ve created your password. Some people will write down their password in case they forget it one day. Make sure you’ve kept it in a safe place. Finally, keep your Windows 7 PC in a good condition by using anti-virus and checkup software regularly.

Reset Windows 7 password safely

Login password is undoubtedly useful to protect your Windows 7 PC. It will also bring your some potential security dangers. For example, there is many phishing and malware pretended as password reset tools. In order to reset Windows password, the safest way is to make use of a prepared Windows password reset disk if you fail to recall your password from your password hints. In the case that you don’t have a password reset disk and have to find a third-party tool, you’d better firstly check clearly its working principle, and then search it in Google. But you needn’t worry too much, for we actually have many reliable password reset tools for Windows 7, say, Ophcrack, John the Ripper, Anmosoft Windows Password Reset, LCP, etc.

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