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Unravelling The Myths About Media Advertising With Webwindows

With the advent of the Internet many businesses were taken in by the low-costs, easy availability and global reach of the online media and felt that this was the best possible medium to create awareness and promote their goods and services. Webwindows realized that while the popularity of the online media could not be discounted, yet the actual of power of advertising still lay with the print media. Webwindows belief has been reiterated by the results of recent studies by Google and other companies. The results clearly point to what Webwindows has been saying and promoting all along: For an online business, there is no better way to reach your target audience than by advertising in newspapers and magazines. Then there are other myths about media advertising for which Webwindows has a clear cut answer.

Online advertising is overtaking newspaper advertising

Webwindows feels that this is not the case and supports its case with the latest research results. Studies show that consumers put more trust in the print media than they do on the online media. Newspapers have been around for centuries and Webwindows realizes better than others, how they are intricately woven into the psyche of the consumers. According to some reports people tend to trust a product more if they see it advertised in the print media. There are many who log on to the net to search for more information about it.

So according to Webwindows, newspaper advertising or offline advertising is far from dead; it has now emerged as the most effective way to advertise online business. To effectively harness the power of the offline medium, Webwindows has a special color page in seven leading newspapers in the UK. Small and medium sized online companies can place their classified advertisements in the Webwindows page that appears in the weekend supplement sections of seven broadsheet newspapers.

Online advertising is cheaper than newspaper advertising

This is another myth associated with newspaper advertising. Webwindows suggests that online companies can use the budget set aside for online advertising, that is, buying keywords and paying per clicks, for offline advertising or advertising in newspapers. Newspapers have a wide local reach. Then again people who see your advertisement in classified sections, such as the Webwindows page that is completed dedicated to small and medium sized online businesses, will in most probability go to your site if they are interested in the offerings that you have advertised. So through the newspapers you reach a more focused group of customers. Webwindows believes that there are more chances of your offline advertisement bringing in sales opportunities than online advertisements.

The latest trend is to promote small online businesses through offline advertising. For example, you can advertise your online business through Webwindows. A UK based company, Webwindows offers small businesses the opportunity to advertise their online offerings on a colour supplement in the leading newspapers and magazines in the UK. The advantage of this is that the Webwindows page is completely dedicated to online businesses and so is specifically visited by people who want to make some online purchases from the comforts of their home without driving the distance to stores.

Andrew Mogridge is managing director of web windows marketing limited. Web Windows has offered the best value newspaper advertisements in the market for over a decade. For more information, check out his web site at

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