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Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S4

Lately smartphones have experienced a higher popularity among people of all ages. If few years ago Nokia was the most common brand, Samsung overthrew the hierarchy, becoming the most trusted in the last two years, surpassing Apple in many ways. But a common problem is smartphones are usually carrier locked if bought with a contract at discounted prices.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy devices is quietly easy and actually several online services can do this for a small fee. UnlockUnit for example achieves this task for less than $20. Not only they provide you with the unlocking code according to your home country and the carrier your phone is currently locked in, but helps you to effectively decode your device in less than 10 minutes by following 3 easy steps:

1. Enter the phone IMEI (dial *#06#)

2. Pay the unlocking fee (PayPal and Credit cards accepted)

3. Receive your unlocking code and setup instructions from

Is that simple as 1, 2, 3! Enjoy your device!

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