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Understanding the Pre-existing Conditions Clauses on Medical Insurance for Horses

Understanding the Pre-existing Conditions Clauses on Medical Insurance for Horses

Medical insurance for horses is relatively inexpensive, but you need to fully understand the pre-existing conditions clause before taking on additional coverage. This is one part of medical insurance that is completely different from the health insurance people enjoy.

What Is Considered a Pre-existing Condition?

Pre-existing conditions with animal insurance is a little different than with people. As long as a person maintains coverage and does not allow the insurance to lapse, ailments treated previously are not considered pre-existing from one year to the next. Horse medical insurance is a different. Any ailment or illness treated the previous year is considered pre-existing condition, even if you have never allowed the policy to lapse. The new policy year will not pay for treatments and procedures for similar injuries or illnesses in the new policy year.

How Long Do the Limits Apply?

The limits on any pre-existing condition coverage for horses can be as short as six months and as long as the entire 12 month policy period. The length of time depends on the seriousness of the ailment and how much the cost was for treatment. The current health of the horse and medical history during the limited period will also have some bearing as to whether the pre-existing condition limitation will be lifted.

Are There Specific Age Restrictions?

Most medical insurance for horses will not provide coverage for horses younger than six months and older than 15 years. Surgical insurance generally does not cover past 18 years on a horse. Racehorses are rarely covered at all. They may be able to receive limited colic surgery insurance, but nothing beyond the scope of this lifesaving procedure.

Getting Your Horse a Clean Bill of Health

Once your horse has experienced a pre-existing condition limitation, the important task afterwards is to work on getting the horse well. Having a clean bill of health from a qualified veterinarian is what will make the difference in regaining complete medical coverage. This will require a small amount of out-of-pocket expense on your part to make this happen.

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