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Understanding the Power of Craigslist Advertising

While many people know that Craigslist is some sort of website where you can advertise to buy and sell things, many still don’t know about the powerful and diverse ways Craigslist advertising can be used. According to the Craigslist fact sheet they get more than 9 billion page views per month and more than 30 million people, including more than 25 million in the US alone, use Craigslist each month, so obviously a lot of people do have a good understanding of the services offered by Craigslist advertising. . For those who are still unsure about what Craigslist is, this article will give them an appreciation for the power of Craigslist advertising.

Craigslist advertising is similar to the classified area of a newspaper where people can either put in advertisements or answer existing ones. Just like the newspaper Craigslist has categories for all the different advertisements to make it easy to find them. If you are new to Craigslist advertising or an old hand in the online advertising arena you will find some different ways to use the power of Craigslist. This article will discuss the following ways visitors can use Craigslist advertising:

* Sell products on Craigslist

* Search for a new job or fill a position with Craigslist

* Promote your business with Craigslist

* Find potential dates with Craigslist

While these are four of the more popular options for using Craigslist advertising they don’t begin to cover all the aspects and potential of Craigslist. Hopefully readers of this article will be encouraged to take a further look at Craigslist so they can learn more about what the Craigslist advertising community has to offer.

Sell Products With Craigslist

New or used items can be sold through Craigslist advertising . Just about anything under the sun can be found for sale here and everything thing can be posted into a category. Craigslist is easy to use, as all you have to do is advertise you item in the property category, supply a description of the item as well as a desired price and wait for a buyer. There are also categories for people to advertise for items they are looking for along with things they are offering for free. While you can sell almost anything on Craiglist there are some types of items that cannot be advertised on the website. For example you can’t sell firearms in the section for sporting goods and you cannot offer pornographic items in the section for CDs/DVDs/VHSs.

Find A Job Or Fill A Position With Craigslist

Finding jobs with Craigslist advertising is one of the key uses of the site. There are many job listings a person can browse through by selecting a general category and location. The search feature is handy for refining the search for a job. The search criteria can be used to determine whether the position is a telecommute job, part time, a contract position, an internship or any other type of job or position.

Craigslist advertising will also allow small business owners and human resources departments to ask for resumes for positions they have open. Companies posting job openings in the right Craigslist category will normally receive a large amount of responses.

Promote Your Business with Craigslist

Business promotion with Craigslist is also one the more popular uses. If you are a small business or a big corporation you can take advantage of Craigslist free advertising to both promote business and find new customers. Craigslist advertising has a section that offers services where business owners can place free advertisements. By breaking this section down into a number of categories Craigslist has made it possible for a business to find the best location to reach their potential target customers. Although there is a section for small business ads, it will probably be better to use the appropriate categories to ensure being found by the most interested job seekers.

Joining Craigslist discussion forums and making helpful comments or answering question accurately while placing a link to a business site will also help drive traffic to your ebusiness site. Take care while doing this to avoid posts which could be considered spam as Craigslist takes a dim view of spam.

Find A Date with Craigslist

While Craigslist advertising can be a useful place to find potential dates there are some strict restrictions which are enforced in the personals section. You must be over 18 to use this category and most importantly Craigslist does not allow individuals to impersonate another individual in a personals advertisement. You’ll find a number of categories to choose from when you place an advertisement in the Craigslist personals section. Some of these categories include advertisers looking for platonic relationships as well as romantic ones. You can also look for missed connections and other types of relationship scenarios.

As was mentioned before these are just a few ways Craigslist can help you advertise. Craigslist is likely the biggest and most powerful advertising bargain to be found in the world. All but a few categories are free and if you play by their rules you can sell or buy something, find a job or position, fill a position, promote your business or get a date with Craigslist’s help and the best part is the price is definitely right.

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