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Understand The Search Engine And Blow The Ranking Roof

A web search engine is a computer program. It is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web and bring this information back to the database.

The search engines primary mandate is to deliver relevant and qualitative search result to the surfer. The search engine wants to satisfy the surfers need by delivering the best possible search result. The search engine works this way because they want to satisfy their clients. These clients are the advertisers who pay the search engines.

The popularity of the internet is on a meteoric rise as more and more people use it. This makes the internet a converging point for millions of people, not every day but every second. The entry portal for most of these internet users is by the search engines. Advertisers therefore are taking advantage of this huge traffic avenue by putting up ads on the search engines. But a search engine cannot place all the advertisement they receive on their webpage. They now sublet some of these ads to website owners at a fee. The advertisement revenue accruing to the search engines is colossally huge.

 So the number one goal of the search engine is to provide lots of exposure to their advertiser’s ads. If search results are relevant and good quality, satisfied surfers will return to use the search engine another time, thereby generating more advertisement impression. If the surfer is not satisfied with the quality or relevance of this search result, they will leave the search engine and go elsewhere ,certainly to a competitor. If this happens enough times, advertisement revenue will fall because surfers will go elsewhere and the search engine looses relevance. It fades away and dies.

So the bottom line of the search engine is to deliver relevance and quality. The search engines want a surfer to use and keep using their services always. The bait they use is quality and relevant information for any keyword search.

As a website owner your goal is to be visible on the internet, your most without compromise provide quality information in your web-pages, because the usefulness of  a search engine depends on the relevance of the result set it returns to the surfer. While there may be millions of web-pages that include a particular keyword or phrase, some pages may be more relevant, popular or authoritative than others. It is certain that these are guiding principles of the search engines. Understand that as a webmaster you need traffic. They search engines has it, but they search engines need quality content which you have. Your relationship with the search engines must be symbiotic. Leverage on the search engines as potential traffic generator for your web pages and they, the search engines in turn will leverage on your potential as a relevant and quality information source.

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