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Transfer Minutes Between TracFone Devices

TracFone Wireless is a mobile phone service provider offering no-contract mobile phone plans. The plans offered by this company is turning out to be the great option for people who do not wish to sign into a contract. This company offers four different plans and they are basic TracFone plan, Net10, Safelink program and straight talk. Of these the fourth option offers unlimited minutes per month and they are sold not only in Walmart stores, but also through the official website. If you are planning to shift from one TracFone program to another, it can be done easily.

For doing the same, ensure that both the tracfone devices are fully charged and then call up the customer service department of tracfone. They will be asking you to provide the serial number of both devices. When you explain the purpose of your call to the customer service personnel, they will be providing you with some digits. This code can transfer the minutes from one phone to another. Do not switch off the connection with the customer service personnel until the minutes are transferred from one device to another device. Generally, tracfone offers the facility of recharging through their website itself. But, for transferring minutes, you do not have any other option other than calling the customer service department.

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