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Top Web Design – an Anatomical Examination

With advancing technology accessible to all, having an Internet presence has never been easy and within reach.  But with the countless websites that are competing for traffic, a website’s chance of success will depend on the degree of creativity and professionalism of its web design.  Here is an anatomy of a top web design:

1. The most crucial component of a top web design is its purpose.  A good web design is dependent on what the company envisions to accomplish with its website.  The website should also be able to communicate this purpose to its visitors.

2. Once the purpose is clear, a good website harnesses the full power of its web design tools to produce top web design.

3. A good website optimally applies the use of graphic web design.  Top web designs are visually attractive more than anything else.  However, one has to strike a balance between graphics and texts.  

4. Top web designs have the following attributes:

• Professional look
• Clean, sleek, and contemporary
• Unique identity and outstanding graphic web design
• Well-balanced and natural blending of colors
• Easy and intuitive navigation
• Greater interactive experience
• Loads quicker, downloads and uploads
• Provides solutions

5. Avoid the following common mistakes:

• Spelling and grammar lapses
• Not yet found in the the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Windows Live
• Difficulty in loading the site or downloading from it
• Animations requiring not commonly used plug-ins
• Heavy on flash animations
• Overlapping music
• Overcrowding of contents and navigational buttons
• Extremely long articles usually spanning several pages when printed
• Unreadable texts, inappropriate graphics
• Color combination that is hard to the eyes
• Use of fonts that are not readily available
• Font sizes either too small or too large
• Broken links
• Too many pop-up windows
• Difficulty in accessing the website

6. Easy navigation of the website.  Top web designs are structured in such a way that users can access and go through the menu effortlessly, and move from one page to another with ease.

A top web design is definitely an edge if one desires to be a strong player in the field of the World Wide Web Ecommerce.  A professional look allows for a solid internet presence that also makes it possible for a company to realize its goals.  It is not far-fetched to grow big business when you consider the almost limitless internet traffic source any website can have.  The good points of having a top website design are just too good to pass.

To harness the advantages and benefits of having a top web design, getting professional web design services is a worthy consideration.  A good web design company is worthy to be considered if it is able to provide quality design services that satisfy your requirements.  Finding the right web design services is not easy as there are many offering these services.  You have to choose the best services that suit your needs, requirements, and considerations.  It may be expensive at first, but in the long term, the benefits of having a top web design will far outweigh the cost.

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