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Top 5 Dos and Don’ts of Custom Web Design

There is no industry today that does not make use of website design technology. Some of the chief mediums include websites for businesses, online bank resources, entertainment, movie and sitcom promotions, news media, and personal promotions. A website design displays the best qualities and potential of the individual or business it represents.

While a poorly designed website can repel most visitors, a professional custom web design can open a world of prospects. Some of the major dos and don’ts of custom web design include the following:

1. The Scope of Custom Web Design

Do check the scope of the website you’re designing. Keep the target o f your website clear in your mind so the most important elements stand out the most.

Don’t design sites that are heavy with content and overcrowded with links. Keep it simple. Get to the point. A successful website is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

2. The Layout for Custom Web Design

Do design a website with specific requirements in mind. Use only necessary graphics or animations as the more you have on the site the longer it will take to download.

Don’t think that it takes a lot of imagery or decoration to impress visitors. People want fast information and an easy way to buy the products they need. Extra images, sounds and animations are only a distraction.

3. The Compatibility of Custom Web Design

Do make sure that any functions included in your website are compatible with the current browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer.

Don’t upload your website to a server if it’s not compatible with most browsers. Always check the authenticity of a server before uploading your work.

4. The Documentation of Custom Web Design

Do make sure that your website contains only relevant information that gets to the point and is easily understood. Using specific keywords not only keeps readers focused on the right topics, but it also helps with search engine optimization.

Don’t fill your custom web design with useless links and irrelevant text as this will only divert a reader’s attention from important topics. Make all of the information you provide simple and professional.

5. Safe and Secure Custom Web Design

Do make sure your website is safe from viruses and hackers. If your website handles sensitive information, such as credit card of social security numbers, it is absolutely crucial to make sure your website is guarded with the latest security protocol.

Don’t share the security information of your website with anyone. Your main priority is to protect the sensitive information that your customers have given you in good confidence.

At Lucid Edge, we want to make your website work for you at its highest potential. A high-quality custom web design markedly improves your ability to convert prospetcs into customers. We believe that a well-designed website immediately gives your prospects a sense that your company is trustworthy, credible, and offers good value.

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