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Top 10 lists, yes or no?

Upon several people, the top ten lists usually represent a waste of time while other do find them really useful and engaging. Generally speaking the concept relies in people’s affinity for rankings and voting whatsoever, according to own wishes, pleasures and desires. Either a top ten list is on cars, planes or kinky things like marijuana names, the same rules apply:

1. The subject has to be well known and its properties generally proved through users’ experience.

2. If the subject is worth for inclusion in a wider list like let’s say top one hundread, the chances for it to get to the top ten are actually higher than listed nowhere before.

3. The broader the number of people who rated the subject, the more reliable it becomes. In fact it’s a matter of time and overall confidence for anything to prove its qualities and to stand out of the crowd.

Upon my own experience, such lists are a good reference point in making choices or taking decisions.

Here is a list of top 10 lists:

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